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PML Time and Frequency Division

Time and Frequency Division Projects

The NIST Greenhouse Gas and Climate Science Program supports several projects conducted by the Physical Measurement Laboratory's (PML), Time and Frequency Division.

Mid-Infrared Sources and Techniques for Greenhouse Gas Detection – (S. Diddams and N. Newbury, PML) Goal: to develop broadband mid infrared frequency comb sources and spectroscopic sensing techniques for quantitative greenhouse gas detection in support of climate science.
Greenhouse Gas Monitoring using Fiber Frequency Combs – (N. Newbury and S. Diddams, PML) Goal: to develop a novel frequency comb-based sensor for the accurate and precise measurement of greenhouse gases over kilometer-scale open air paths. This system can support future regional studies as well as provide truth data for the validation of satellite-based systems.




Created March 2, 2015, Updated April 5, 2022