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CTL RF Technology Division

RF Technology Division Projects

The Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL), RF Technology Division engages in the NIST Greenhouse Gas and Climate Science Program through their work in the following projects. Project descriptions and research contact is provided below.

Microwave Remote Sensing – (D. Walker, CTL) Goal: to develop and deploy SI-traceable brightness-temperature standards and metrology to support U.S. weather forecasting and climate science needs.
NIST CROMMA Facility: A Unified Coordinated Metrology Space for Millimeter - Wave Antenna Characterization– (J. Gordon, CTL and D. Novotny, PML) Goal: to develop new metrology techniques for antennas operating in climate monitoring bands (100 GHz-500 GHz) based on robotics and coordinated spatial metrology.
Advanced Microwave Radiometer Calibration – (D. Walker, CTL and J. Splett, ITL) Improve calibration methodologies for microwave radiometers, particularly those employed on small satellites (termed "nanosatellites" or "CubeSats").




Created March 2, 2015, Updated April 5, 2022