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Automated Vehicles and AV Communications

Automated vehicles (AVs) will significantly impact our daily lives and improve the competitiveness of our economy. Advances in communications capabilities – for


NIST Research Data Framework (RDaF): Version 1.5

Robert Hanisch, Debra L. Kaiser, Alda Yuan, Andrea Medina-Smith, Bonnie C Carroll, Eva Campo
The NIST Research Data Framework (RDaF) is a multifaceted and customizable tool that aims to help shape the future of open data access and research data

Modeling Approach for the Design of the NIST Neutron Source

Abdullah Weiss, Osman Celikten, Anil Gurgen, Joy Shen, Dagistan Sahin, Yaniv Shaposhnik
The NIST Neutron Source, or NNS, is a proposed new research reactor at the NIST Center for Neutron Research to replace the currently operational, but aging