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Steering Committee

About Us

The NIST/NIJ Evidence Management Steering Committee (EMSC) is charged with:

  1. Developing best practices for the retention, preservation, integrity, and disposition of evidence and property.
  2. Encouraging adoption of best practices, through education and engagement, of the broad community of U.S. justice system stakeholders involved in the management of evidence.

Relevant stakeholders include people or organizations engaged in the collection or preservation of evidence such as the law enforcement community, public and private forensic laboratories, hospitals, courts, and policy makers who recommend standards, rules, and laws regarding evidence management.


Suzi Doerff, CEO, Police Evidence Audits, LLC           

Rachell Ekroos, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), School of Nursing         

Sarah Hawkins, Chief Deputy Public Defender, Clark County, Nevada Public Defender's Office

Melisse Huffmaster, Evidence Vault Director, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Jennifer Johnson, Program Coordinator, Forensic Assessment Consultation and Treatment Program, Shawnee Mission Health

Joseph Latta, Executive Director, International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc.          

Robert Martin, Evidence Manager, Volusia County Sheriff's Office 

Nancy McKay-Hills, Evidence Superintendent, Tucson Police Department, Property and Evidence Section         

Stacey Mitchell, Clinical Associate Professor, Texas A&M University          

Marcela Najarro, Research Chemist, National Institute of Standards and Technology       

Phil Pulaski, Retired Former Chief of Detectives, New York City Police Department 

Brian Russell, Lieutenant/Manager, Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department, Property and Evidence Division    

Elizabeth Small, Supervisory Physical Scientist, Evidence Management Unit, FBI Laboratory       

Lindsey Smith, Executive Director, North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission

Ellen Spain, Forensic Evidence Manager, Virginia Department of Forensic Science

Patricia Speck, Professor/Coordinator, University of Alabama at Birmingham, MSN Advanced Nursing Program

Robert Thompson, Senior Research Manager, NIST Special Programs Office         

Erin Trujillo, Assistant Director, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Scientific Services Bureau     

Raymond Valerio, Director, Forensic Sciences, Office of the Queens County District Attorney  


Shannan Williams-Mitchem, Project Manager, Forensic Science Research Program, NIST   

Corrine Lloyd, Management Analyst, Forensic Science Research Program, NIST

Donia Slack, FTCOE, Research Triangle Institute

Sarah Norsworthy, FTOCE, Research Triangle Institute

Community of practice

EMSC seeks to utilize the expertise of the broad network for forensic science stakeholders to assist in collaborating and increasing awareness about evidence management issues. If you would like to join the Evidence Management Community of Practice, click shannan.williams [at] (subject: Evidence%20Management%20Community%20of%20Practice, body: I%20would%20like%20to%20join%20the%20Evidence%20Management%20Community%20of%20Practice.%20Please%20add%20me%20to%20the%20list.%0A%0AThank%20you.) (here).

Evidence Management Community of Practice Newsletter 

This monthly newsletter from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is part of the Evidence Management Steering Committee (EMSC) established in collaboration with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to provide educational opportunities and share information with evidence management stakeholders. Each issue will include relevant articles and highlight upcoming events and training opportunities.

EMSC members work at local, state, and federal agencies as forensic nurses, evidence custodians, medical examiners, and laboratory and law enforcement personnel. Please submit questions that you or your agency are struggling to answer, topics you are interested in knowing more about, or questions about how others in the community are handling a particular issue.

Send your questions to AskEMSC [at] (AskEMSC[at]NIST[dot]gov).


EMSC logo


Created September 11, 2018, Updated September 23, 2022