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Community of Practice Newsletter



About the Evidence Management Community of Practice Newsletter

This bi-monthly newsletter from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Evidence Management Steering Committee (EMSC) shares information, relevant articles, upcoming events, and training opportunities with evidence management stakeholders. The EMSC is co-funded by NIST and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

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ArcHived Issues

May 2020 

Topic: Fentanyl Handling Best Practices

Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2020

Topic: Sexual Assault Kit Storage

Volume 1, Issue 2

August 2020

Topic: Lithium Battery Storage

Volume 1, Issue 3

October 2020

Topic: Personal Protective Equipment

Volume 1, Issue 4

January 2021

Topic: Evidence Management Survey

Volume 1, Issue 5

March/April 2021

Topic: Property & Evidence Room Management and Organization

Volume 1, Issue 6

June 2021

Topic: Property and Evidence Tracking

Volume 1, Issue 7


Created July 1, 2020, Updated September 23, 2022