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Fire risk reduction

News and Updates

Staff Spotlight - Dr. Ankit Sharma

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Ankit Sharma has joined the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as an Associate (PREP) in the

Projects and Programs

NIST/NRC Fire Research Collaborations

Since 2005, the NIST Fire Research Division has engaged in a collaborative research effort with the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research of the US Nuclear

Engineered Fire Safe Products

The Engineered Fire Safe Products (EFSP) Project is developing a database (the NIST Material Flammability Database) to maintain the tools (experimental and


Preliminary Field Burns of RV Trailers with External Ignitions

Eric Link, Shonali Nazare, Karen Jackson, Lucy Fox, Alexander Maranghides
Two recreational vehicle (RV) travel trailers were burned outdoors at the Austin Fire Department training campus in Austin, TX. The goal of these preliminary

Conformal Flame Retardant Coating Systems

Thomas Kolibaba, Federico Carosio, Jaime Grunlan
Surface coatings represent an important class of fire protective treatments. When deposited conformally, these treatments offer extremely effective fire

Tools and Instruments

Fire Calorimetry Database (FCD)

The National Fire Research Laboratory (NFRL) operates calorimeters to measure the heat and combustion products for fires in the range of 50 kW to 20,000 kW