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Energy and Environmental Stewardship

The Division's environmental stewardship programs in measurements and standards for radiation dose monitoring and environmental radioactivity continue to be active in the world-wide evaluation of environmental-level radionuclide dispersal/contamination, bioassay, and radiation protection through a variety of international comparisons, traceability programs and SRMs®. Providing traceability for personnel dosimetry supports the nuclear power industry while advances in neutron-based imaging techniques support advancing technologies in energy storage.

Advanced Neutron Imaging Facility

Air Kerma Calibrations in Radiation Protection Level 137 Cs and 60Co Gamma-Ray Beams

Calibration of Beta-Particle Sources and Instruments for Radiation Protection

Development of a New 137Cs Gamma-Ray Calibration Facility

Gamma-ray Spectrometry System

Hydrogen Generation in Di-Iron Hydrogenase Mimics

Hydrogen Storage Optimization in Thin Film Combinatorial Alloys

Neutron Tomography of Hydrogen Storage Bed

Neutron Imaging for Advanced Catalyst Development and Durability Studies

Neutron Imaging of Lithium and Alkaline Batteries

Neutron Tomography of Hydrogen Storage Bed

NIST Work in Support of the Navy Dosimetry Program

Photovoltaic Carrier Dynamics Measured by Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy

Towards a Neutron Microscope

Created December 14, 2012, Updated August 25, 2016