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Download Free CAD Models, STEP Files, and Test Results

  • Download the CAD Models in the table below (there no longer is a form to fill out)
  • For an explanation of FTC and CTC, follow the link to the left for the MBE PMI Validation and Conformance Testing Project
  • Download representative STEP AP203 and AP242 files for each test case, many with graphical and semantic PMI
  • Browse the PMI annotations in the test cases

Fully-Toleranced Test Cases (FTC)

  • Download the FTC Definitions including STEP AP203 files of model geometry only and explanations of all PMI
  • FTC 07, 08, 09, and 10 fit together in an assembly

PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 6


PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 7


PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 8


PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 9


PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 10


PMI Validation Fully-toleranced Test Case 11

Combined Test Cases (CTC)

  • Download the CTC Definitions including STEP AP203 files of model geometry only and explanations of all PMI
  • CTC 02 and 04 fit together in an assembly

PMI Validation Complex Test Case 1


PMI Validation Complex Test Case 2


PMI Validation Complex Test Case 3


PMI Validation Complex Test Case 4


PMI Validation Complex Test Case 5


Download FTC and CTC CAD Models

CAD Software (NIST Disclaimer) CAD Software Version
Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 R21* (CTC)V5-6R2014* (FTC), V5-6R2016, V5-6R2019
PTC Creo Creo 2* (CTC), Creo 3* (FTC)Creo 4
Siemens NX NX 8* (CTC), NX 9* (FTC )NX 11, NX 12, NX 1980
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks SolidWorks 2012* (CTC)SolidWorks 2015* (FTC)SolidWorks MBD 2018
Autodesk Inventor Inventor 2018, Inventor 2019, Inventor 2021
  CAD models indicated by * above were verified as part of the testing project and documented in the Test Results below.

Modified Test Cases (MTC)

This dataset is based on the project Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection Data for a Box Assembly.  The models are based on FTC-07 (box), FTC-08 (lid), and FTC-09 (plate) from above.  Those FTC test cases were remodeled to be smaller, have simpler PMI, include fasteners to join the parts, and to be more easily manufactured.  A fourth part was also added.  The parts and assembly were modeled in Dassault Systemes SolidWorks and Siemens NX 1953.

NIST MTC Assembly
NIST MTC Assembly

FTC and CTC Test Results

The verification and validation results measure PMI implementation capabilities in CAD software and derivative STEP, JT, and 3D PDF files. The results are based on the test case specifications, CAD modeling methods, versions of CAD software, and comparison methodologies. PMI representation and presentation are evaluated by many verification characteristics and validation issues. The results may identify issues relevant to your use cases for downstream automated-consumption of PMI representation or human-interpretation of PMI presentation.

To test how well your CAD system implements STEP AP242 PMI, open one of the CAD models, export an AP242 file with PMI and process it with the STEP File Analyzer and Viewer. The STEP File Analyzer and Viewer results will indicate how well the AP242 PMI matches the expected PMI in the test case definition. Differences might be due to how some PMI was modeled in the CAD system or how the PMI was exported to the STEP file.

Other Data and Testing


NIST Disclaimer

The test cases are not intended to represent best practice in how to apply GD&T to a part. Simpler GD&T strategies could have been used. The test cases are intended to exercise valid presentations of GD&T defined in the ASME Y14 standards.

The test cases, CAD models, and STEP files can be used without any restrictions. Their use in other software or hardware products does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of those products by NIST.

The verification and validation testing results related to the test case PMI were generated based on older versions of the CAD systems. Issues identified for the semantic and graphic representation of PMI in each CAD system may have been (and hopefully have been) resolved since the original testing took place.

We would appreciate acknowledgement if any of the test cases, CAD models, STEP files, or screenshots of the models are used, however, the use of the NIST logo seen at the top of this page is not allowed in promotional materials.

Created August 29, 2016, Updated December 13, 2021