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University of Western Ontario Data Sets

This page provides an index of the aerodynamic data sets contributed by The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratoryat The University of Western Ontario (UWO), with links to the download page for each data set. The aerodynamic data were obtained for low-rise, gable-roofed building models with various dimensions (see figure) and were generated in two phases of testing, which are documented in the following reports:

T.C. E. Ho, D. Surry, and D.P. Morrish (2003). NIST/TTU Cooperative Agreement - Windstorm Mitigation Initiative: Wind Tunnel Experiments on Generic Low Buildings, BLWT-SS20-2003, May 2003.T.C. E. Ho, D. Surry, and M. Nywening (2003). NIST/TTU Cooperative Agreement - Windstorm Mitigation Initiative: Further Experiments on Generic Low Buildings, BLWT-SS21-2003, September 2003.

The tables below provide two alternative listings of the available data sets: (1) by model dimensions, and (2) by test number. The data files are provided in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF), as described in the Phase 1 Report, and self-documentation is included in each file. Software utilities developed by UWO for working with the HDF files are available as a ZIP archive (10.6 MB). The HDF files can also be read directly by the windPRESSURE Database-Assisted Design software developed by NIST, which is designed to handle aerodynamic data in HDF format. The windPRESSUREgraphical interface enables display of pressure time series, pressure tap locations, and model photos contained in the HDF files.


Created August 3, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019