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  • ACI SP-241CD : Concrete Heat Development: Monitoring, Prediction, and Management, Eds. K. Wang and A. Schlinder, ACI, 2007.
  • ACI SP-256 : Internal Curing of High Performance Concretes: Laboratory and Field Experiences, CD-ROM, Eds. D. Bentz and B. Mohr, ACI, 2008.
  • ACI SP-259 : Transition from Fluid to Solid: Re-Examining the Behavior of Concrete at Early Ages, CD-ROM, Ed. K. Riding, ACI, 2009.
  • ACI SP-290 : The Economics, Performance, and Sustainability of Internally Cured Concrete, CD-ROM, Eds. A.K. Schlinder, J.G. Grygar, and W.J. Weiss, ACI, 2012.




Created April 9, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019