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Standard Test Methods

  • ASTM C1365, Standard Test Method for Determination of the Proportion of Phases in Portland Cement and Portland-Cement Clinker Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction Analysis
  • ASTM C1356, Standard Test Method for Quantitative Determination of Phases in Portland Cement Clinker by Microscopical Point-Count Procedure
  • ASTM C1585, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Rate of Absorption of Water by Hydraulic-Cement Concretes
  • ASTM C1608-12, Standard Test Method for Chemical Shrinkage of Hydraulic Cement Paste
  • ASTM C1702, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Heat of Hydration of Hydraulic Cementitious Materials Using Isothermal Conduction Calorimetry
  • ASTM C1738, Standard Practice for High-Shear Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Pastes
  • ASTM C1749, Standard Guide for Measurement of the Rheological Properties of Hydraulic Cementitious Paste Using a Rotational Rheometer
  • ASTM C1761/C1761M-15, Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing of Concrete
  • ASTM C1792-14, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Mass Loss versus Time for One-Dimensional Drying of Saturated Concretes
  • ASTM C1797-16, Standard Specification for Ground Calcium Carbonate and Aggregate Mineral Fillers for use in Hydraulic Cement Concrete
  • AASHTO T353-14, Standard Method of Test for Particle Size Analysis of Hydraulic Cement and Related Materials by Light Scattering
Created October 4, 2016, Updated November 7, 2019