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NFRL Staff Directory

National Fire Research Laboratory Staff
Staff Listing
Dr. Matthew F. BundyNFRL Director for Fire Research301-975-6880
Nicole S. CooperAdministrative Office Assistant301-975-6862
Anthony R. ChakalisEngineering Technician301-975-6686
Artur A. ChernovskyElectronics Engineer301-975-5988
Dr. Rodney BryantMechanical Engineer301-975-6487
Dr. Matthew HoehlerResearch Structural Engineer301-975-8517
Dr. Lisa ChoeResearch Structural Engineer301-975-5644
Laurean A. DeLauterEngineering Technician301-975-2590
Dr. John L. GrossResearch Structural Engineer301-975-6068
Doris L. RinehartElectronics Technician301-975-5605
Brian StoryEngineering Technician301-975-8118


Associate Listing
chao.zhang [at] (Dr. Chao Zhang)Guest Researcher301-975-6695
william.grosshandler [at] (Dr. William Grosshandler)Guest Researcher301-975-4582
selvarajah.ramesh [at] (Dr. Selvarajah Ramesh)Guest Researcher301-975-2488
christopher.smith [at] (Dr. Christopher Smith)Guest Researcher 



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Created August 27, 2010, Updated September 14, 2016