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Diffusion Flame Measurements

Building and Fire Research Laboratory

Diffusion Flame Measurements

Diffusion Flame Measurements of Species Concentrations,
Soot Concentrations, Temperature, and Velocity

Kermit C. Smyth

Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899
Phone: 301-975-6490
E-mail: kermit.smyth [at] (kermit[dot]smyth[at]nist[dot]gov)

Profile data are presented here to aid research on the chemical structure of laminar, hydrocarbon diffusion flames - both for comparisons with other experimental results, as well as for evaluating the predictions of flame models. Specifically, measurements made at NIST during the period 1984-1998 of species concentrations (mole fraction), temperatures (K), and velocities (cm/s) are included for two diffusion flame systems. These files can be downloaded as desired. Note that some of the files contain more than 10 columns of data and thus are best viewed using a spreadsheet (such as EXCEL), rather than with a word processor.

Citation of these results should be as follows:

K.C. Smyth, (1999).

A. Methane/Air Flame; Wolfhard-Parker Slot Burner

Profile data for steady, laminar, atmospheric-pressure flame conditions; quantitative measurements of species concentrations, temperature and velocity.

B. Methane/Air, Ethylene/Air, and Propane/Air Flames; axisymmetric burner

Profile data for steady and flickering, laminar, atmospheric-pressure flame conditions; quantitative soot volume fractions; some temperature and velocity results. 

C. Notes to Modelers

Initial experiment conditions.

D. Related Work

Literature citations to closely related papers.

Created September 21, 2012, Updated June 2, 2021