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Collected Reports and Publications by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on Heat Flux Gage Calibration and Usage

(The information contained in these pages was originally put together as a CD titled "NIST Special Publication 971". If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD, contact William Pitts, 301-975-6486, william.pitts [at] (william[dot]pitts[at]nist[dot]gov))

William . Pitts and S. Regina Burgess, Editors

This volume contains archival reports and publications produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and its predecessor, the National Bureau of Standards. Even though some research dates back to the 1970s, most of the work has appeared within the last five years as the result of efforts by researchers in the Building and Fire Research Laboratory and the Physics Laboratory.

It was compiled at the request of the "FORUM Heat Flux Measurement Working Group" during their inaugural meeting at the Building Research Establishment, Garston, England on July 24-25, 2000. The working group operates under the auspices of the International Forum for Fire Research with a goal of promoting mutual confidence in flame heat flux measurements and calibrations of heat flux gauges among Forum laboratories.

The documents are indexed two ways. First, a title index for all of the articles. To see this index, click on the Title Index link in the Tool Bar at the top of the page. The second index is by author. To see a list of authors, click on the Author Index link in the Tool Bar at the top of the page. Next, to see a listing of papers for a particular author click on the author's name.

The documents are in pdf, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the files. To install Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to the Software link in the Tool Bar at the top of the page.

Publication Index

Created January 30, 2012, Updated January 6, 2017