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HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group Staff Directory

HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group Staff
Staff Listing
Dr. Piotr A. DomanskiLeader, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer301-975-5877
patrick.chin [at] (Patrick R. Chin)Administrative Office Assistant301-975-4112
Arthur E. EllisonElectrical Engineer301-975-6086
Dr. Mark A. KedzierskiMechanical Engineer301-975-5282
Gregory LinterisMechanical Engineer301-975-2283
Dr. William V. Payne, IIMechanical Engineer301-975-6663
art.ellison [at] (Arthur E. Ellison)Mechanical Engineer301-975-6083
linteris [at] (Dr. Gregory T. Linteris)Mechanical Engineer301-975-2283
Dr. Harrison M. SkyeMechanical Engineer301-975-5871
John A. WamsleyEngineering Technician301-975-6578


Associate Listing
valeri.babushok [at] (Dr. Valeri I. Babushok)Guest Researcher301-975-8975
lawrence.bennett [at] (Dr. Lawrence H. Bennett)Guest Researcher301-975-5966
doyong.ha [at] (Dr. Doyong Ha)Guest Researcher301-975-6491
john.pagliaro [at] (Dr. John L. Pagliaro)Guest Researcher301-975-6675
Wei WuGuest Researcher301-975-5878



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Created August 27, 2010, Updated October 24, 2016