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Storm Surge Effects:

The objective of this project is to evaluate the storm surge ​hazard​ associated with Hurricane Ian’s landfall in Florida​ to ​develop an improved understanding of ​the impacts of ​coastal flooding​, including effects​​ of onshoring and retreating​ overland currents and waves and the resulting hydrodynamic loadings on buildings and infrastructure. This project will result in improved quantification of storm surge loads on buildings due to static pressure, wave forcing, surge velocity, and ​surge-borne ​debris impact, which can be used to develop guidance for existing building codes and standards. 



Emergency Communications Methods and Effectiveness:

The objective of this project is to study the emergency communications methods, timing, and message content, and evaluate decision-making of those who received the messages to understand the relatively low evacuation rates in some communities. This project will result in an understanding of methods to improve emergency preparedness and evacuation response practices. 



Wind and Wind-Driven Rain Impacts:

The objective of this project is to advance previous work to evaluate wind damage to buildings and identify and potentially quantify likely causes of wind-driven rain intrusion. This project will result in an improved understanding of the wind-driven rain hazard​ and building materials and construction techniques for building envelopes for mitigation of this hazard,​ which can be used to develop guidance for building codes, standards, and construction and preparedness practices.  

Created February 6, 2024, Updated April 11, 2024