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Mr. Gregory Strouse - Deputy Associate Director for Management Resources, Acting Associate Director for Measurement Services, PML

Mr. Gregory Strouse

At NIST as a physicist since 1988, my scientific fundamental research and applied metrology areas of expertise include the thermodynamic areas of temperature, humidity, pressure, and vacuum. I am currently the Associate Director for Measurement Services of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As part of PML headquarters, I direct the measurement services for PML (>90% of NIST) and oversee all calibration services at NIST. I am the Deputy Quality Manager responsible for ensuring the assessments of the NIST Quality System for all calibration services. I am member of the PML Executive Leadership Team with a focused role of being the champion for Quantum SI and NIST-on-a-Chip. Additionally, I am a Fellow of the Washington Academy of Sciences.

In my parallel role at NIST, I am the acting Deputy Associate Director for Management Resource. I am responsible for working with the Management Resource Office Directors of Acquisitions and Agreements; Business Operations; Civil Rights and Diversity; Emergency Services; Fabrication Technology, Facilities and Property; Financial Resources; Human Resources; Information Services (Research Library); Information Systems; and Safety, Health and Environment to ensure mission-focused institutional support is provided. Additionally, I am the acting Division Chief of Information Services (Research Library).

Created September 20, 2018, Updated September 9, 2021