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NIST Blue Ribbon Commission on Management and Safety II

The NIST Blue Ribbon Commission on Management and Safety – II will assess NIST's progress in addressing the findings of the first NIST Blue Ribbon Commission and identify additional opportunities to strengthen management and safety at NIST.

The Commission will assess NIST's progress in: (a) Making safety a core value at NIST; (b) Integrating safety with the conduct of operations in a meaningful way across organizational units; (c) Benchmarking safety protocols and performance against similar organizations with strong safety cultures; (d) Addressing a serious lack of resources for safety; and (e) Engaging a staff that is eager, willing, and ready to embrace a safety culture.

The NIST Director has appointed eight members to the Commission. Each member was either a member of the first Blue Ribbon Commission or is a current member of the NIST Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. Each member is a qualified expert with public or private sector experience in one or more of the following areas: (a) Management and organizational structure; (b) Training and human resources operations; (c) Laboratory management and safety; (d) Hazardous materials safety; (e) Emergency medical response; (f) Environmental safety; (g) Environmental remediation; and (h) Security for hazardous materials.

The Commission will issue a report to the NIST Director on its findings.

Final Report to the Secretary of Commerce

Commission Charter

Federal Register Notice





Created September 28, 2010, Updated March 20, 2017