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CTL 2024 SURF Program


673.1 Simulation and Modeling of Future Wireless Communication Systems

Every new generation of wireless communication technologies is more capable but more complex than the previous generation. Wireless systems require collaboration by hundreds of organizations worldwide and take years to design, test, and implement. An important part of the development process is computer simulations of proposed network technologies using tools like ns3 (  NIST actively works with the ns3 developer community to create new modules that incorporate the latest wireless technologies. The SURF applicant selected to work on this project will help extend the simulation models of the psc-ns3 codebase ( that WND has developed and that researchers use to investigate existing and emerging wireless communication technologies. These include Public Safety Communication (PSC) applications, Fifth Generation (5G) New Radio (NR) Sidelink (SL) communication, Proximity Services (ProSe), and simulation visualization tools (

This task involves working with a team of developers to design, implement, document, and test new capabilities in the psc-ns3 codebase, and will primarily involve using the C++ programing language and Linux to implement and run ns-3 simulations.


673.2 Deployment and Evaluation of 5G Open RAN Testbed

The Wireless Networks Division (WND) works with industry, academia, and other government entities to develop, deploy, and promote emerging technologies and standards for wireless networks. One area of interest within WND is the evaluation of next generation networks based on open-source solutions compliant with the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Alliance specifications. The selected candidate will work on the performance assessment of Fifth Generation (5G) testbed deployments, and the interaction of individual components within the network, such as the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). The selected candidate will help the team evaluate some of the components and interfaces capabilities and compliance to O-RAN Alliance specifications. In addition, the selected candidate may work on the testbed towards specific features of 5G RAN, such as RAN slicing and resource orchestration.

Created January 31, 2017, Updated November 29, 2023