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The One Recruitment Video Every Manufacturer Needs

manufacturing workers filming a company video
Credit: iStock/hobo_018

This blog is the seventh in a monthly series brought to you by the America Works initiative. As a part of the MEP National Network’s goal of supporting the growth of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, this series focuses on innovative approaches and uncovering the latest trends in manufacturing workforce development.

Manufacturing friends – it’s time that we up our recruitment game, and the best way to do that is through video. Knowing that 75% of candidates will check out your online brand before applying for a job, I want to encourage your company to create one – and just one! – outstanding recruitment video for your website. Based on existing research about what job seekers are looking for these days, I created a sample transcript that you can easily copy, paste, and adapt to your company’s needs. So, without further ado, here’s that one perfect script for your manufacturing company’s recruitment video. You’re welcome.


Hi there and thank you for your interest in joining HFB Industries. I’m Kent Brockman, the CEO here, and we’d love to have you join our team. In the next three minutes, let me tell you why starting your manufacturing career here is such a great choice. First, you may not realize that every day, with every product you help make, you’re making the world a happier place. You see, here at HFB we make the Happy Fun Ball, the best way for families to enjoy spending time together. Every time a child smiles, every time a mother bonds with her toddler – that’s our product that literally makes someone’s life better.

At HFB, we offer not just a job but, if you want, we can help you advance your career. First, we’ll get you valuable manufacturing certifications like 5S, Lean, and Six Sigma. These may not mean anything to you now, but these credentials allow you to work at a manufacturer anywhere in the country and make a good living wage. Of course, if you stay here, we have numerous opportunities to grow your skills: You can take advantage of our apprenticeship track, switch from production to try other roles in the company, or join our local MEP Center’s Supervisor Training program, so you can eventually move into management. Do you want to get that college degree? No problem! We offer tuition reimbursement, so you can pursue that advanced degree you’ve always dreamed about. You see, here at HFB, it’s not college OR career, it’s college AND career – if and when you’re ready to go down that path.

And whenever we’re talking about training, we’re not talking about sitting in boring lectures. Here at HFB, we have augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other kinds of interactive training that make learning fun! Our web-based training allows you to learn whenever, and wherever, and is convenient for you. For every class you take, we’ll not only pay you more, but our online platform will track your real-time progress towards that next promotion. Unlike those big online retailers or logistics companies, we have real career paths and a bright future for every worker. Yes, I know that the big manufacturer down the street will pay you a couple of dollars more per hour. But here, we know your name, we celebrate your birthday, and we care about your future. Our employees find that sense of belonging is worth far more than a few hundred bucks.


At HFB, our culture is our competitive advantage. We’re always giving back, with paid volunteer hours and fundraising events that benefit our local community. We’re also making our products as sustainable as possible; we have an active recycling program, use renewable energy, and more. Trust me, you’ll be proud to tell your friends and family that you work at HFB Industries.

But wait, there’s more. You see, when you’re working at HFB Industries, we’re committing to you not just as a worker, but as a person. As I mentioned, we only have 25 employees, so you’re not a number here – we’re a real team, and we value everyone’s feedback. In a recent employee survey, we learned that everyone wanted better coffee – so we made that change and have fresh-brewed gourmet coffee every day. That’s also why we offer flexible work shifts, which everyone appreciates. Just the other day, Susan, a working mom, came up to me and raved about her 9 am to 2 pm shift, because it lets her get her kids out the door in the morning and be there when the bus drops them off in the afternoon.


I can tell you’re still a little hesitant, so let me address your concerns. First, maybe you don’t have the math or reading skills to join our high-tech company, or maybe English isn’t your first language, or you’ve been involved with the justice system, or you don’t have reliable transportation … whatever your challenge, don’t worry! We’ve partnered with our MEP Center and local nonprofits to provide the support services you need outside the plant, so you’re as successful as possible when you’re here. We value diversity and inclusion, and we care about your bright future.

Second, you might be wondering, “This sounds great, Kent, but won’t a robot eventually take my job?” I’m excited to tell you that, yes, we are actively automating across our plant – but that’s going to make our jobs better, not fewer. You see, we’re going to need you to set up, program, and maintain those robots. We’ll get you trained up to do that, and these new skills mean – you guessed it – more money.

Listen, as America comes back to work, we know you have choices in this highly competitive labor market. That’s why we value every applicant, and care for each worker. I hope you’ll give HFB a shot! Feel free to call, text, email, or just stop by the plant for a tour. Let’s start the conversation, and hopefully this is a great fit not just for you as a worker, but for you as a person. Talk with you soon!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, in this fake video, I’ve tried to share some very real best practices. First, note that the CEO starts with why – the meaning behind the products that HFB Industries makes. Then, he jumps right into the investments that HFB makes in its workers, distinguishing manufacturing from other industries in its potential for long-term career (and salary) advancement. Further, by pushing the new cool technologies – AR, VR, robots, 3D printing, etc. – the CEO is working to change the candidate’s outdated perceptions of manufacturing.

In the second part of the video, the CEO gets a little more detailed, discussing the company’s culture and core values. To engage millennials and Gen Z workers, he talks about what they care about: giving back to the community, honesty, integrity, and environmental sustainability. Then, he acknowledges that people are multi-faceted, and want to know they’ll be cared for as people, not just workers. To address this, the CEO lists a wide range of perks, from flexible hours to tuition reimbursement. Hesitations about overcoming barriers to employment, and the fear of being replaced by automation, are addressed directly. Most importantly, the CEO acknowledges that companies nationwide are competing for workers, and that every candidate is valuable.

I hope you’ve found this exercise useful as you think about your company’s recruitment strategies. Please copy from this script liberally; my guess is that it will make a tangible difference in your attraction efforts. And if you end up making a recruitment video based on this, please let me know!

About the author

Matt Fieldman

Matthew Fieldman is currently Executive Director of America Works, a nationwide initiative to coordinate the American manufacturing industry's training efforts, generating a more capable, skilled, and diverse workforce. Based at MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, Matt works across the nation's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) system to increase collaboration, efficiency, and impact of local and regional workforce development efforts.

Previously, he was Vice President of External Affairs for MAGNET, a nonprofit that helps Northeast Ohio’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers grow locally while competing globally. In this role, he launched the Ohio Manufacturing Survey; mspire, a regional startup pitch competition; helped launch manufacturing apprenticeships for inner-city youth; and is responsible for fundraising, legislative relations, media relations, and more. Concurrently, Matthew is the founding Board Chair of EDWINS Restaurant and Leadership Institute, Cleveland's first nonprofit restaurant and one of the first of its kind nationally to train formerly incarcerated individuals to work in fine dining. He raised over $600,000 to start EDWINS and was named “2014 Fundraiser of the Year” by Fundraising Success magazine for his efforts. He is also the founder of Cleveland Codes, one of the nation's first nonprofit software bootcamps devoted specifically to training low-income adults for careers in technology. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, cum laude, from the University of Florida, a Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Case Western Reserve University. He is a former Ariane de Rothschild and American Council on Germany Transatlantic Fellow, and is currently a Civil Society Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

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