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2018 I.I. Rabi Award - Jun Ye

For the development of stable, reproducible, and accurate atomic clocks based on optical lattices, and the use of those clocks to probe

Ana Maria Rey - NIST Fellow

Ana Maria Rey was named a NIST Fellow in recognition of her world-leading program in quantum theory, her pioneering work in quantum many

2017 Miller Prize - Leah Dodson

Dodson’s project featured in her talk was the investigation of catalysts in model systems. Specifically, she studied the possible use of

2016 - Bronze Medal Award---Ralph Jimenez

For pioneering innovative tools transforming the measurement, characterization and collection of biomolecules and cells for applications in industry, medicine and research.

2013 PECASE - Ana Maria Rey

Ana Maria Rey, a physicist and associate researcher in PML and a Fellow at JILA, a joint research institute of NIST and the University of

2013 APS Fellow - Konrad Lehnert

Lehnert was elected “for developing experimental methods that enable the quantum control and measurement of micro-mechanical oscillators and