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About ISO

Research Library & Museum
within the
Information Services Office (ISO)

ISO plays a vital role in connecting the NIST community to information, ideas, and each other.

We support NIST's information needs with electronic and print resources, research assistance, and publishing support. We enhance the visibility and impact of manuscripts, data sets and other outputs, and provide expertise in data management and preservation.

We contribute to NIST’s future by preserving its past, provide spaces to collaborate, visualize and innovate, and enhance skills through learning programs.

Explore our mission, vision, and values that define our purpose and aspirations, and guide our actions that support NIST's research success.

spiral staircase in the NIST Research Library
Information Services Office FY2019 Infographic
Learn more about ISO by the numbers.


Created February 7, 2011, Updated May 11, 2020