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About ISO

The Information Services Office (ISO) is responsible for creating, maintaining, and disseminating a NIST knowledge base which supports the research and administrative needs required to fulfill the scientific, engineering, and technical mission of NIST.

ISO provides professional scientific and technical research assistance through three primary programs: Research Library Group, Digital Services and Publications Group, and NIST Museum and History Program.

The three floors of the physical Library house over 200,000 science, engineering, and technology volumes. The Library facility is also home to the NIST Museum which boasts numerous exhibits and artifacts.

The goal and purpose of the NIST Research Library collections is to support the research needs of the NIST community and laboratories. The Library is not open to the public and does not loan materials from its collections with the exception of NIST series publications, which include Special Publications, Interagency Reports, Technical Notes, etc.

Award-winning Information Center

In recognition of its outstanding, innovative, and sustained achievements during Fiscal Year 2013, the Information Services Office received the 2013 Federal Library of the Year Award from the Library of Congress Federal Library & Information Center Committee (FLICC). ISO was recognized for its Lab Liaison Program, implementation of an electronic resources management system, and creation of a Vision Implementation Project, to engage its staff in understanding the ISO vision and participating in strategic planning.

The Office also received the Federal Library of the Year Award for 2003 and 2008. ISO was also the recipient of the 2007 Silver Maryland Performance Excellence Award, recognized as a role-model organization whose performance is worthy of emulation.

Created February 7, 2011, Updated August 25, 2016