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Advanced Manufacturing

The use of ionizing radiation in material processing, device sterilization, and resistance evaluation is long-established and continues to enable advances in manufacturing medical devices, food containers, automobiles, space craft, and other commodities built in the US. The Division's electron beams and source-based irradiators are used extensively for research in new metrologically-based methods for industry as well as in collaboration with manufacturers and other government agencies in evaluating current devices.

Advanced Neutron Imaging Facility

Characterization of Porous Transport Media for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Neutron Imaging for Advanced Catalyst Development and Durability Studies

Electron-Beam Irradiation of Solar Cells

Traceability for Industrial Irradiators: Design of the Applied Irradiation Manufacturing Standards (AIMS) Facility

Created December 26, 2012, Updated August 25, 2016