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In the 1950s, scientific integrity was put into
question by a packet of salt…

The AD-X2 Controversy - Trailer
The AD-X2 Controversy - Trailer


In the 1940s and ’50s, amid a booming economy and rapid scientific progress, a charismatic salesman sought to make his fortune with a chemical additive, AD-X2, that he claimed would revolutionize the car battery business. When tests from a prominent scientific agency showed that the additive was worthless, its director had to battle public opinion and political pressure to defend the importance of scientific integrity.

DC Shorts International Film Festival Logo
Credit: DC Shorts International Film Festival
San Francisco Documentary Festival selection
Credit: San Francisco Documentary Festival
Official Selection NewsFest True Stories 2023
Credit: Official Selection NewsFest True Stories 2023
International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival Selection
Credit: International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival
2023 Raw Science Finalist Laurel
Credit: Raw Science

News & Screenings*

  • Won Best True Story Narrative and Best of Festival at the 2023 NewsFest Film Festival in Santa Monica, California. Screening: November 2023.
  • Featured on WTOP News in an interview with director Jose Ricardo Garcia.
  • Selected for the 13th Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City. November 2023.
  • Was a finalist at the RAW Science Film Festival in the Professional Dramatic Category. October 2023.
  • Selected for the DC Shorts International Film Festival. September 2023.
  • Selected for the 2023 San Francisco Documentary Festival. June 2023.

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* Film festivals are listed on this web page for the limited purpose of identifying where and when NIST’s “The AD-X2 Controversy” can be viewed. Such identification is not intended to imply a recommendation or endorsement of any festivals. The full documentary will be made available on this website for viewing free of charge at a later date.