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Name Organization Email Staff Type Expertise
Olubunmi Adewunmi Safety and Health Group olubunmi.adewunmi [at] Ctr
Temitayo Adeyeye Alternative Computing Group temitayo.adeyeye [at] IntlAssoc
Tyler Adkins Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Erin Adkins Optical Measurements Group erin.adkins [at] Fed
Daniel M. Adler Research Facility Operations Group daniel.adler [at] Fed
Samuel Adler Quantum Nanophotonics Group samuel.adler [at] Fed
Stephen Adler Radioactivity Group stephen.adler [at] Assoc
Matthew Adolf Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Marissa Adriaenssens Engineering Laboratory - HQ marissa.adriaenssens [at] Fed
Leticia Adu Grants Management - HQ leticia.adu [at] Fed
Shirley Afable Grants Management - HQ shirley.afable [at] Fed
Sadaf Afkhami Acquisition Operations sadaf.afkhami [at] Fed
Sharmina Afroz Customer Relationship Management Group sharmina.afroz [at] Ctr
Raaghav Agarwal Thermodynamics Research Center Group raaghav.agarwal [at] Fed
Chitra Agarwal Customer Relationship Management Group chitra.agarwal [at] Ctr
Ayyoub Aggour Information Modeling and Testing Group ayyoub.aggout [at] Assoc
Anthony Agnew Emergency Services - HQ anthony.agnew [at] Ctr
Olivia Agolini Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group olivia.agolini [at] Assoc
Alfredo Aguilar Site Support Group alfredo.aguilar [at] Fed
David Aguilera Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Matthew Aguirre Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Elba Aguirre Information Technology Laboratory Office - HQ elba.aguirre [at] Fed
Ozair Ahmad Investments Division – HQ ozair.ahmad [at] Fed
Ayesha Ahmed NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ ayesha.ahmed [at] Fed
Zeeshan Ahmed Fundamental Thermodynamics Group zeeshan.ahmed [at] Fed Modeling and simulation research, Biological physics, Condensed matter, Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics
Fuad Ahmed Boulder Microfabrication Facility Ctr
Tanisa Ahmed Investments Division – HQ tanisa.ahmed [at] Fed
Sanel Ahmetasevic Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Deborah Ahn Node A Group deborah.ahn [at] Fed
Averie Ahn Atomic Spectroscopy Group averie.ahn [at] Assoc
Daehyun Ahn Quantum Optics Group daehyun.ahn [at] IntlAssoc
Ami Ahure Powell Mechanical Performance Group louise.ahurepowell [at] Fed Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Materials
Matthew Ai High-Speed Waveform Metrology Group [at] Assoc
Ashlee Aiello Infrastructure Materials Group ashlee.aiello [at] Fed
Brandon Airth Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Lydia Ait Oucheggou Transformational Networks and Services Group lydia.aitoucheggou [at] IntlAssoc
Robert Aitken National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program Group robert.aitken [at] Fed
Jason Ajmo National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence jason.ajmo [at] Ctr
Kameswera Akella Venkata Ananda Applications Systems - HQ kameswera.akellavenkataananda [at] Ctr
Abir Akib Security Components and Mechanisms Group IntlAssoc
Abiola Akin-ajayi Building Management (Gaithersburg) Group abiola.akin-ajayi [at] Fed
Mehwish Akram National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence mehwish.akram [at] Ctr
Matthew Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
David Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Murat Aksu Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group murat.aksu [at] Fed
Vladimir Aksyuk Photonics and Optomechanics Group vladimir.aksyuk [at] Fed Nanomechanics, Nanophotonics, Nanophysics, Nanoplasmonics, Optical physics and communications
Sarkis Aktavoukian Capital Asset Management and Facilities Planning Group Ctr
Akin Akturk Advanced Electronics Group akin.akturk [at] Assoc
Sulaiman Al Ghadani Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group sulaiman.alghadani [at] IntlAssoc
Gorjan Alagic Cryptographic Technology Group gorjan.alagic [at] Assoc