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Name Organization Email Staff Type Expertise
John Abalos Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Amar Abane Transformational Networks and Services Group amar.abane [at] IntlAssoc
Christopher Abangma Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group christopher.abangma [at] Fed
Alfredo Abarca Electromagnetic Fields Group Assoc
Vamshi Abbanaboina Project Management Office vamshi.abbanaboina [at] IntlCtr
Aser Abbas Materials and Structural Systems - HQ IntlAssoc
Patrick J. Abbott Mass and Force Group [at] Assoc
Rabie Abdel-Halim Operations and Maintenance (Gaithersburg) Group rabie.abdel-halim [at] Fed
Amir Abdella Platform Services Division - HQ amir.abdella [at] Fed
Eaman Karim Materials Science and Engineering Division - HQ eaman.karim [at] Assoc
Adetola Abdulkadir Biomarker and Genomic Sciences Group adetola.abdulkadir [at] Assoc
Brian Abe National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence brian.abe [at] Ctr
Daniel Abel Reactor Operations and Engineering Group Ctr
Frank Abel Functional Nanostructured Materials Group frank.abel [at] Fed
Tanner Abelein Boulder Design and Construction - HQ Ctr
Jarvis Abellana Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology Ctr
Nandita Abhyankar Biophysical and Biomedical Measurement Group nandita.abhyankar [at] IntlAssoc
Chad Abitz Boulder Facilities Maintenance- HQ chad.abitz [at] Ctr
Jamil Abo-Shaeer Fiber Sources and Applications Group Assoc
Omar Aboul-Enein Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group omar.aboul-enein [at] Fed Manufacturing
Nicole Abramson Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group nicole.abramson [at] Fed
Erin Abretski The Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Operations Group erin.abretski [at] Fed
Jose Abreu Tejada Project Management Office Ctr
Rochelle Abrom Radiation Physics - HQ rochelle.abrom [at] Fed
Christine Abruzzi Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications Group christine.abruzzi [at] Ctr
Anas Abu-Odeh Thermodynamics and Kinetics Group anas.abu-odeh [at] Fed
Jacinto Acevedo Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group Ctr
Tomas Acevedo Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group Ctr
Jacinto Acevedo Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group Ctr
Lauren Acierto National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence lauren.acierto [at] Ctr
Brian K. Ackley Fire and Facilities Safety Group brian.ackley [at] Fed
Adam Acree Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
LaVonne Acty Acquisition Management - HQ lavonne.acty [at] Ctr
Reubena Acuesta Financial Statements Group reubena.acuesta [at] Fed
Kazemi Adachi Quantum Physics - HQ kazemi.adachi [at] Assoc
Gina Adam Alternative Computing Group gina.adam [at] Assoc
Monica Adamo Grants Management - HQ monica.adamo [at] Fed
Stuart Adams Structures Group stuart.adams [at] Assoc
James M. Adams Radiation Physics - HQ james.adams [at] Fed
H Wayne Adams Platform Services Division - HQ wayne.adams [at] Fed
Gregory E Adams Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group gregory.adams [at] Fed
Ryan Adams Operations and Maintenance (Gaithersburg) Group ryan.adams [at] Fed
Michael Adams Administrative Operations Group michael.adams [at] Fed
Selina Adams Emergency Services - HQ selina.adams [at] Ctr
Richard Adamson Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
James Addams Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Patrick Adegbaye HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group patrick.adegbaye [at] Assoc
Tehseen Adel Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group tehseen.adel [at] IntlAssoc
Mofoluwasho Adewale Operations and Strategic Program - HQ mofoluwasho.adewale [at] Fed
Temitayo Adeyeye Alternative Computing Group temitayo.adeyeye [at] IntlAssoc