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Name Organization Email Staff Type Expertise
Amir Abdella Platform Services Division - HQ amir.abdella [at] Fed
Adetola Abdulkadir Biomarker and Genomic Sciences Group adetola.abdulkadir [at] Fed
Melissa Abdullah Grants Management - HQ melissa.abdullah [at] Fed
Katherine Acuna Umana Biophysical and Biomedical Measurement Group katherine.acunaumana [at] IntlAssoc
Kazemi Adachi High-Speed Waveform Metrology Group kazemi.adachi [at] Assoc
Ryan Adams Operations and Maintenance (Gaithersburg) Group ryan.adams [at] Fed
Sahithi Adari Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Office - HQ sahithi.adari [at] Fed
Christina Addison Biophysical and Biomedical Measurement Group christina.addison [at] Assoc
Tehseen Adel Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group tehseen.adel [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel M. Adler Research Facility Operations Group daniel.adler [at] Fed
Leticia Adu Grants Management - HQ leticia.adu [at] Fed
Shirley Afable Grants Management - HQ shirley.afable [at] Fed
Averie Ahn Atomic Spectroscopy Group averie.ahn [at] Assoc
Matthew Ai High-Speed Waveform Metrology Group [at] Assoc
Robert Aitken National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program Group robert.aitken [at] Fed
Kameswera Akella Venkata Ananda Applications Systems - HQ kameswera.akellavenkataananda [at] Ctr
Abiola Akin-ajayi Building Management (Gaithersburg) Group abiola.akin-ajayi [at] Fed
Sulaiman Al Ghadani Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group sulaiman.alghadani [at] IntlAssoc
Alex Alava Figueroa Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Alberto Alberto National Semiconductor Technology Center Group alberto.alberto [at] Fed
Julie Aleiner Infrastructure Materials Group julie.aleiner [at] Assoc
Eyuael Alemu Applications Systems - HQ eyuael.alemu [at] Ctr
Yasmeen Ali Risk Management – HQ yasmeen.ali [at] Ctr
Masood Ali National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence masood.ali [at] Ctr
Rahmatollah Alizadeh Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Robert Allsopp Biomolecular Structure and Function Group robert.allsopp [at] Fed
Naser Alqseer Life Cycle Engineering Group naser.alqseer [at] IntlAssoc
James Alzona Infrastructure Materials Group james.alzona [at] Assoc
Luis Amado Rojas Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group IntlCtr
Maryanne Amanze Office of Weights and Measures maryanne.amanze [at] Assoc
Razvan Amironesei Information Access - HQ razvan.amironesei [at] Fed
Peter Anderson Security Technologies Group peter.anderson [at] Assoc
Stephanie Anim-Yankah External & Government Affairs – HQ stephanie.anim-yankah [at] Fed
Abigail Antonishek Bioanalytical Science Group abigail.antonishek [at] Assoc
Meghan Appley Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group meghan.appley [at] Assoc Analytical chemistry, Forensic Science, Drugs and toxicology
Cynthia Aragon External & Government Affairs – HQ cynthia.aragon [at] Fed
Javier Araujo National Semiconductor Technology Center Group javier.araujo [at] Fed
Vincent Armeni Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Susannah Armstrong Biochemical and Exposure Science Group susannah.armstrong [at] Assoc
Mahima Arora Cognition and Collaboration Systems Group mahima.arora [at] IntlAssoc
Jonathan Arthur Integration & Policy Office jonathan.arthur [at] Fed
Kumar Arumugam Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group kumar.arumugam [at] IntlAssoc
Xander Ault Superconductive Electronics Group xander.ault [at] Assoc
Nicole Ausherman Outreach and External Affairs – HQ nicole.ausherman [at] Fed Manufacturing
Jason Austermann Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications Group jason.austermann [at] Fed
Katrina Avery Thermophysical Properties of Fluids Group katrina.avery [at] Fed
Kayden Ayers Software Quality Group kayden.ayers [at] Assoc
Richard Azuah Neutron-Condensed Matter Science Group richard.azuah [at] Assoc
Chase Babus Investments Division – HQ chase.babus [at] Fed
Daksh Badri Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group daksh.badri [at] Assoc