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OSAC Registry Implementation

OSAC’s mission is to not only facilitate the development of science-based standards and guidelines, but to also encourage the use of these standards throughout the forensic science community. The goal is to have our stakeholders in the forensic science and criminal justice communities embrace the approved standards on the OSAC Registry and implement them into everyday practice.

OSAC Registry Implementation Plan

In August 2018, the FSSB prepared an OSAC Registry Implementation Plan for our forensic science partners that describes various strategies that OSAC might use to encourage our stakeholders to promote and implement the approved standards listed on the OSAC Registry.  

There are many potential pathways for implementation and OSAC’s initial Registry implementation efforts will focus on crime laboratories and other forensic science service providers. At the July 2019 All-Hands Meetings, brainstorming sessions were held with each of OSAC’s 25 subcommittees to identify the benefits, challenges, perspectives, and needs that crime laboratories and other forensic science service providers may face around implementation. An OSAC Registry Implementation Strategy Sessions Recap Report was developed which summaries the key findings resulting from the brainstorming sessions and includes a road map for next steps.

OSAC Implementer Ribbon

If you’re ready to increase the consistency and quality in your lab and improve the confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility of your test results, we encourage you to join the other OSAC Registry Implementers on this journey.

If you're already on the “tip of the spear” and have implemented some or all the OSAC Registry approved standards, contact us to share your experience. You can also complete this Laboratory Implementation Declaration Form and return it to

Have more questions about implementation?

  • View the FAQs for more information.  
  • View the Registry Implementation Document Tracker for a list of documents that are on the OSAC Registry, published by an SDO, sent to an SDO for further development, or being drafted within OSAC.
Created August 30, 2018, Updated March 6, 2020