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Legal Resource Committee


Members of the OSAC Legal Resource Committee (LRC)
Members of the OSAC Legal Resource Committee (July 2019)

The Legal Resource Committee (LRC) provides guidance throughout the OSAC about the legal ramifications of forensic standards under development and provides input on the presentation of forensic science results to the legal system.

Learn more about the LRC published in the July 2019 OSAC Newsletter.

Officers | Members | Presentations


David H. Kaye, Committee Chair, The Pennsylvania State University

Kent E. Cattani, Committee Vice Chair, Arizona Court of Appeals

Vacant, Committee Executive Secretary


Jason Chin, Judge, Alameda County Superior Court, California

John Ellis, Law Offices of John Ellis, Jr., San Diego, CA

Jules Epstein, Temple Beasley School of Law

Jennifer Friedman, Deputy Public Defender, Los Angeles County (California)

Lynn Robitaille Garcia, Texas Forensic Science Commission

Elizabeth Meli, U.S. Department of Justice

Andrea Roth, U.C. Berkeley School of Law

Barry Scheck, Professor, Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University; Co-Director, Innocence Project; Commissioner, NY Commission on Forensic Science; Neufeld, Scheck, & Brustin, LLC

Lori L. Varnell, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office


OSAC Public Update and Discussions Meeting - LRC Updates (June 5, 2019)

Created June 25, 2014, Updated January 3, 2020