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Withdrawn DOC Product Standards (PS)

If a copy of any of these standards is needed, please contact us at standardsinfo [at]

PS NumberYear PublishedTopicTitle
PS 0-67 1967StandardsEditorial Format For Product Standards
PS 0-70 1970StandardsEditorial Format For Voluntary Product Standards
PS 1-07 2007WoodStructural Plywood
PS 1-66 1966WoodSoftwood Plywood
PS 1-74 1974WoodConstruction and Industrial Plywood
PS 1-83 1983WoodConstruction and Industrial Plywood
PS 1-95 1995WoodConstruction and Industrial Plywood
PS 2-04 2004PanelsPerformance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels
PS 2-04_Errata_July_07_Final 2004PanelsPerformance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels
PS 2-66 1966SlateStandard Sizes of Blackboard Slate
PS 2-92 1992PanelsPerformance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels
PS 3-66 1966TapeTFE-Fluorocarbon Resin Skived Tape
PS 4-66 1966DoorsStandard Stock Light-Duty 1 3/8- And 1 3/4-Inch Thick Flush-Type Interior Steel Doors And Frames
PS 5-66 1966PlumbingPorcelain Enameled Formed Steel Plumbing Fixtures
PS 6-66 1966BathroomTrim For Water-Closet Bowls, Tanks And Urinals
PS 7-66 1966SupportsWire Bar Supports For Reinforced Concrete Construction
PS 8-67 1967AbrasivesGrading of Abrasive Grain on Coated Abrasive Products
PS 9-68 1968FabricsFabrics For Book Covers
PS 10-69 1969PipesPolyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (Schedule 40- Inside Diameter Dimensions)
PS 11-69 1969PipesPolyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SDR)
PS 12-69 1969PipesPolyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (Schedules 40 and 80- Outside Diameter Dimensions)
PS 13-69 1969FoamUncored Slab Urethane Foam For Bedding and Furniture Cushioning
PS 14-69 1969PackagesSalt Packages
PS 15-69 1969PolyesterCustom Contact-Molded Reinforced-Polyester Chemical-Resistant
PS 16-69 1969ConcreteTypes and Sizes of Forms for One-Way Concrete Joist Construction
PS 17-69 1969SheetsPolyethylene Sheeting (Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications) 
PS 18-69 1969PipesAcrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastic Pipe (Schedule 40 and 80)
PS 19-69 1969PipesAcrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastic Pipe (Standard Dimension Ratio) 
PS 20-05 2005WoodAmerican Softwood Lumber Standard
PS 20-70 1970WoodAmerican Softwood Lumber Standard
PS 20-94 1994WoodAmerican Softwood Lumber Standard
PS 20-99 1999WoodAmerican Softwood Lumber Standard
PS 21-70 1970PipesPoly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Pipe (Schedules 40, 80 and 120)
PS 22-70 1970PipesPoly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Pipe (Standard Dimension Ratio)
PS 23-70 1970PerliteHorticultural Grade Perlite 
PS 24-70 1970DinnerwareMelamine Dinnerware (Alpha-Cellulose-Filled for Household Use)
PS 25-70 1970TablewareHeavy-Duty Alpha-Cellulose-Filled Melamine Tableware
PS 26-70 1970ExtrusionsRigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Profile Extrusions
PS 27-70 1970WoodMosaic-Parquet Hardwood Slat Flooring
PS 28-70 1970StopcocksGlass Stopcocks With Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Plugs
PS 29-70 1970FilmPlastic Heat-Shrinkable Film
PS 30-70 1970ChalkSchool Chalk
PS 31-70 1970SheetsPolystyrene Plastic Sheet
PS 32-70 1970WoodHinged Interior Wood Door Units
PS 33-70 1970PipesPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Plastic Lined Steel Pipe and Fittings
PS 34-70 1970PipesFluorinated Ethylene-Propylene (FEP) Plastic Lined Steel Pipe and Fittings
PS 35-70 1970PipesPoly (Vinylidene Fluoride) (PVF2) Plastic Lined Steel Pipe and Fittings
PS 36-70 1970ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Boys' Apparel
PS 37-70 1970PackagesPackage Quantities of Instant Nonfat Dry Milk 
PS 38-70 1970DoorsSteel Bi-fold Closet Door Units, Frames and Trim
PS 39-70 1970ThermometersClinical Thermometers (Maximum-Self-Registering Mercury-In-Glass)
PS 40-70 1970PackagesPackage Quantities of Green Olives
PS 41-70 1970PackagesPackage Quantities of Instant Mashed Potatoes
PS 42-70 1970ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Women's Patterns and Apparel 
PS 43-71 1971OilsGrading of Sulphonated (Sulphated) Oils Saponifiable Types
PS 44-71 1971IcePaper Ice Bag Sizes
PS 45-71 1971ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Apparel for Young Men (Students) 
PS 46-71 1971PaperFlame Resistant Paper and Paperboard
PS 47-71 1971TubesHeat-Shrinkable Fluorocarbon Plastic Tubing
PS 48-71 1971PackagesPackage Quantities of Cubed, Sized, Crushed, and Block Ice
PS 49-71 1971CoolersPortable Picnic Coolers
PS 50-71 1971PackagesPackage Quantities of Toothpaste
PS 51-71 1971WoodHardwood and Decorative Plywood
PS 52-71 1971TubesPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Plastic Tubing
PS 53-72 1972PanelsGlass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester Structural Plastic Panels
PS 54-72 1972ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Girls' Apparel
PS 55-72 1972SidingRigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Siding
PS 56-73 1973WoodStructural Glued Laminated Timber
PS 57-73 1973InsulationCellulosic Fiber Insulating Board
PS 58-73 1973HardboardBasic Hardboard
PS 59-73 1973PanelsPrefinished Hardboard Paneling
PS 60-73 1973SidingHardboard Siding
PS 61-74 1974PlasticPlastic Containers (Jerry-Cans) for Petroleum Products
PS 62-74 1974DiamondGrading of Diamond Powder in Sub-Sieve Sizes
PS 63-75 1975MattressesLatex Foam Mattresses for Hospitals
PS 64-75 1975PasteSchool Paste
PS 65-75 1975ArtPaints and Inks for Art Education in Schools
PS 66-75 1975PlaygroundSafety Requirements for Home Playground Equipment
PS 67-761976MetalsMarking of Gold Filled and Rolled Gold Plate Articles Other Than Watchcases
PS 68-761976MetalsMarking of Articles Made of Silver in Combination With Gold
PS 69-761976MetalsMarking of Articles Made Wholly or in Part of Platinum
PS 70-761976MetalsMarking of Articles Made of Karat Gold
PS 71-761976MetalsMarking of Jewelry and Novelties of Silver
PS 72-76 1976ToysToy Safety
PS 73-77 1977SodasCarbonated Soft Drink Bottles
PS 73-89 1989SodasGlass Bottles for Carbonated Soft Drinks




Created June 14, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019