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Withdrawn DOC Commercial Standards (CS)

If a copy of any of these standards is needed, please contact us at standardsinfo [at]

CS NumberYear PublishedTopicTitle
CS 0-40 1940StandardsCommercial Standards and their Value to Business
CS-11927BarsNew Billet-Steel Concrete Reinforcement Bars 
CS 1-32 1932ThermometersClinical Thermometers
CS 1-42 1942ThermometersClinical Thermometers
CS 1-52 1952ThermometersClinical Thermometers (Supersedes 1-42, 1-32, 1-28)
CS 2-30 1930MopsticksMopsticks
CS 3-28 1928SolventsStoddard Solvent
CS 3-38 1938SolventsStoddard Solvent
CS 3-40 1940SolventsStoddard Solvent (Supersedes 3-38. 3-28)
CS 4-29 1929PlumbingStaple Porcelain (All-Clay) Plumbing Fixtures
CS 5-29 1929NipplesPipe Nipples, Brass, Copper, Steel and Wrought-Iron  
CS 5-40 1940NipplesPipe Nipples, Brass, Copper, Steel and Wrought-Iron  (Revision and Consolidation of 5-29, 6-31, and 10-29)
CS 5-46 1946NipplesPipe Nipples, Brass, Copper, Steel and Wrought-Iron  (Supersedes 5-40) 
CS 5-65 1965NipplesPipe Nipples, Brass, Copper, Steel and Wrought-Iron  (Supersedes 5-46 )
CS 6-29 1929NipplesWrought-Iron Pipe Nipples
CS 6-31 1931NipplesWrought-Iron Pipe Nipples (Superseded by 5-46)
CS 7-29 1929UnionsStandard Weight Malleable Iron and Steel Screwed Unions
CS 8-30 1930GagesPlain and Thread Plug and Ring Gage Blanks
CS 8-33 1933GagesGage Blanks (Supersedes 8-30)
CS 8-41 1941GagesGage Blanks (Supersedes 8-33)
CS 8-51 1951GagesGage Blanks (Supersedes 8-41)
CS 8-61 1961GagesGage Blanks (Supersedes 8-51)
CS 9-29 1929HardwareBuilders’ Template Hardware
CS 9-33 1933HardwareBuilders’ Template Hardware (Second Edition)
CS 9-65 1965HardwareBuilders’ Template Hardware (Supersedes 9-33)
CS 10-29 1929NipplesBrass Pipe Nipples (Superseded by 5-46)
CS 11-29 1929YarnRegain of Mercerized Cotton Yarns
CS 11-41 1941YarnMoisture Regains of Cotton Yarns (Second Edition)
CS 11-63 1963YarnMoisture Regains of Cotton Yarns (Supersedes 11-41)
CS 12-29 1929OilsDomestic and Industrial Fuel Oils 
CS 12-33 1933OilsFuel Oils (Second Edition)
CS 12-35 1935OilsFuel Oils
CS 12-38 1938OilsFuel Oils
CS 12-40 1940OilsFuel Oils
CS 12-48 1948OilsFuel Oils (Sixth Edition – Supersedes CS 12-40, 12-38, 12-35)
CS 13-30 1930ClothingDress Patterns 
CS 13-39 1939ClothingDress Patterns (Supersedes 13-30)
CS 13-44 1944ClothingDress Patterns (Supersedes 13-42)
CS 14-39 1939ClothingBoys’ Button-On Waists, Shirts, Junior and Sport Shirts 
CS 14-43 1943ClothingBoys’ Button-On Waists, Shirts, Junior and Sport Shirts (Supersedes 14-39)
CS 14-51 1951ClothingBoys’ Sport and Dress Shirt (Woven Fabrics) Size Measurements (Supersedes 14-43)
CS 15-29 1929ClothingMen’s Pajamas
CS 15-43 1943ClothingMen’s Pajamas
CS 15-46 1946ClothingMen’s Pajama Sizes – Woven Fabrics
CS 16-29 1929WallpaperWall Paper
CS 17-30 1930HardwareDiamond Core Drill Fittings 
CS 17-32 1932HardwareDiamond Core Drill Fittings 
CS 17-42 1942HardwareDiamond Core Drill Fittings 
CS 17-47 1947HardwareDiamond Core Drill Fittings (Supersedes 17-42, 17-32, 17-30)
CS 18-29 1929GolfHickory Golf Shafts
CS 19-30 1930WoodFoundry Patterns of Wood
CS 19-32 1932WoodFoundry Patterns of Wood (Color system for)
CS 20-30 1930PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 20-36 1936PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures (Supersedes 20-30)
CS 20-42 1942PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 20-47 1947PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 20-49 1949PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 20-56 1956PlumbingStaple Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 20-63 1963PlumbingVitreous China Plumbing Fixtures (Supersedes 20-42 in English and Spanish ; 20-47; 20-49 in English & Spanish;  & 20-56)
CS 21-30 1930JointsInterchangeable Ground Glass Joints
CS 21-34 1934JointsInterchangeable Ground Glass Joints
CS 21-36 1936JointsInterchangeable Ground Glass Joints
CS 21-39 1939JointsInterchangeable Ground-Glass Joints, Stopcocks, and Stoppers (Supersedes 21-34 & 21-36)
CS 21-58 1958JointsInterchangeable Taper-Ground Joints, Stopcocks, Stoppers, and Spherical-Ground Joints
CS 22-30 1930HardwareBuilders’ Hardware 
CS 22-40 1940HardwareBuilders' Hardware (Supersedes CS 22-30)
CS 23-30 1930FeldsparFeldspar
CS 24-30 1930HardwareAmerican National Standard Screw Threads
CS 24-43 1943HardwareScrew Threads and Tap-Drill Sizes (Revision and Consolidation of CS 24-30 and CS 25-30)
CS 25-30 1930HardwareAmerican National Special Screw Threads (Superseded by CS 24-43)
CS 26-30 1930WoodAromatic Red Cedar Closet Lining
CS 27-30 1930MirrorsPlate Glass Mirrors
CS 27-36 1936MirrorsMirrors (Supersedes CS 27-30)
CS 28-32 1932FabricsCotton Fabric Tents, Tarpaulins, and Covers 
CS 28-46 1946FabricsCotton Fabric Tents, Tarpaulins, and Covers (Supersedes CS28-32)
CS 29-31 1931BathroomStaple Seats for Water-Closet Bowls
CS 30-31 1931WareColors for Sanitary Ware
CS 31-33 1933WoodWood Shingles
CS 31-35 1935WoodWood Shingles
CS 31-38 1938WoodWood Shingles
CS 31-52 1952WoodWood Shingles (Supersedes CS 31-38; 31-35; 31-33)
CS 32-31 1931FabricsCotton Cloth for Rubber and Pyroxylin Coating
CS 33-32 1932ClothingKnit Underwear
CS 33-43 1943ClothingKnit Underwear (Supersedes CS 33-32)
CS 34-31 1931LeatherBag, Case, and Strap Leather
CS 35-31 1931WoodPlywood
CS 35-42 1942WoodPlywood (Supersedes CS 35-31)
CS 35-47 1947WoodHardwood Plywood
CS 35-49 1949WoodHardwood Plywood
CS 35-56 1956WoodHardwood Plywood (Supersedes CS 35-49; CS 35-47)
CS 35-61 1961WoodHardwood Plywood
CS 36-31 1931FabricsFourdrinier Wire Cloth 
CS 36-33 1933FabricsFourdrinier Wire Cloth (Supersedes CS 36-31)
CS 37-31 1931HardwareSteel Bone Plates and Screws
CS 38-32 1932RubberHospital Rubber Sheeting
CS 39-32 1932FabricsWool and Part-Wool Blankets 
CS 39-37 1937FabricsWool and Part-Wool Blankets (Supersedes CS 39-32)
CS 40-32 1932GlovesSurgeons’ Rubber Gloves 
CS 41-32 1932GlovesSurgeons’ Latex Gloves
CS 42-32 1932InsulationFiber Insulating Board
CS 42-35 1935InsulationFiber Insulating Board
CS 42-43 1943InsulationFiber Insulating Board
CS 42-49 1949InsulationStructural Fiber Insulating Board (Supersedes CS 42-43; 42-35; 42-32)
CS 43-32 1932OilsGrading of Sulphonated (Sulphated) Oils Saponifiable Types
CS 43-45 1945WoodOld Growth Douglas Fir Standard Stock Doors
CS 44-32 1932AppleApple Wraps
CS 45-33 1933WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-36 1936WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-38 1938WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-40 1940WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-42 1942WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-45 1945WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-47 1947WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-48 1948WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-55 1955WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 45-60 1960WoodDouglas Fir Plywood (Supersedes CS 45-55; 45-48; 45-47; 45-45; 45-42; 45-40; 45-38; 45-36; 45-33)
CS 45E-36 1936WoodDouglas Fir Plywood
CS 46-33 1933ClothingHosiery Lengths
CS 46-36 1936ClothingHosiery Lengths And Sizes
CS 46-40 1940ClothingHosiery Lengths And Sizes
CS 46-49 1949ClothingHosiery Lengths And Sizes
CS 46-65 1965ClothingHosiery Lengths and Sizes Excluding Women’s (Supersedes CS 46-49; 46-40; 46-36; 46-33)
CS 47-34 1934JewelryMarking of Gold Filled and Rolled Gold Plate Articles Other Than Watchcases
CS 48-34 1934BurnersDomestic Burners for Pennsylvania Anthracite (Underfeed Type) 
CS 48-40 1940BurnersDomestic Burners for Pennsylvania Anthracite (Underfeed Type) (Supersedes CS 48-34)
CS 49-34 1934BoardsChip Board Laminated Chip Board And Miscellaneous Boards for Bookbinding Purposes
CS 50-34 1934BoardsBinders Board for Bookbinding & Other Purposes
CS 51-35 1935JewelryMarking Articles Made of Silver in Combination with Gold
CS 52-35 1935FabricsMohair Pile Fabrics
CS 53-35 1935StoneColors and Finishes for Cast Stone
CS 54-35 1935MattressesMattresses for Hospitals
CS 55-35 1935MattressesMattresses for Institutions
CS 56-36 1936WoodOak Flooring
CS 56-41 1941WoodOak Flooring
CS 56-49 1949WoodOak Flooring
CS 56-60 1960WoodStrip Oak Flooring (Supersedes CS 56-49; 56-41; 56-36)
CS 57-36 1936FabricsBook Cloths, Buckrams, and Impregnated Fabrics 
CS 57-40 1940FabricsBook Cloths, Buckrams, and Impregnated Fabrics (Supersedes CS 57-36)
CS 58-36 1936FabricsWoven Elastic Fabrics for Use in Overalls
CS 59-36 1936FabricsWoven Dress Fabrics Testing And Reporting
CS 59-39 1939FabricsWoven Dress Fabrics Testing And Reporting
CS 59-41 1941FabricsWoven Dress Fabrics Testing And Reporting
CS 59-44 1944TextilesTextiles—testing and reporting
CS 60E-41 1941WoodHardwood dimension lumber (Exports)
CS 61-51 1951BlindsVenetian blinds (Grade A—custom-made)
CS 62-38 1938KitchenColors for kitchen accessories
CS 63-38 1938BathroomColors For Bathroom Accessories
CS 64-37 1937WoodWalnut Veneers (Included in CS 35-61)
CS 65-43 1943TextilesMethods of Analysis and of Reporting Fiber Composition of Textile Products   
CS 66-38 1938JewelryMarking of Articles Made Wholly or in Part of Platinum (Superseded by PS 69-76)
CS 67-38 1938JewelryMarking Articles Made of Karat Gold (Superseded by PS 70-76)
CS 68-38 1938DisinfectantLiquid Hypochlorite Disinfectant, Deodorant, and Germicide   
CS 69-38 1938DisinfectantsPine Oil Disinfectant
CS 70-41 1941DisinfectantsPhenolic Disinfectant 
CS 71-38 1938DisinfectantsCresylic Disinfectants
CS 72-54 1954InsecticidesHousehold Insecticide (Liquid Space Spry Type for Flying Insects) (Supersedes CS 72-38)
CS 73-61 1961WoodOld Growth Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Western Hemlock Doors (Supersedes  CS 73-51 & CS 91-41)
CS 74-39 1939WoodSolid Hardwood Wall Paneling
CS 75-42 1942OilsAutomatic Mechanical Draft Oil Burners Designed for Domestic Installations 
CS 75-56 1956OilsAutomatic Mechanical Draft Oil Burners Designed for Domestic Installations (Supersedes CS 75-42, 75-39)
CS 76-39 1939WoodHardwood Interior Trim and Molding   
CS 77-40 (Spanish) 1940WareSanitary Cast-Iron Enameled Ware (Supersedes CS 77-39, Mimeographed)
CS 77-40 1940WareSanitary Cast-Iron Enameled Ware (Supersedes CS 77-39, Mimeographed)
CS 77-48 1948PlumbingEnameled Cast-Iron Plumbing Fixtures (Supersedes  CS 77-40)
CS 77-51 1951PlumbingEnameled Cast-Iron Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 77-56 1956PlumbingEnameled Cast-Iron Plumbing Fixtures 
CS 77-63 1963PlumbingEnameled Cast-Iron Plumbing Fixtures (Supersedes CS 77-56, 77-51)
CS 78-39 1939SunglassesGround and Polished Lenses for Sun Glasses
CS 78-40 1940SunglassesGround and Polished Lenses for Sun Glasses (2nd Edition)
CS 79-40 1940SunglassesBlown, Drawn & Dropped Lenses for Sun Glasses (2nd Edition)
CS 80-41 1941VehiclesElectric Direction Signal Systems Other Than Semaphore Type for Commercial and Other Vehicles Subject to Special Motor-Vehicle Laws (After Market)
CS 81-41 1941VehiclesAdverse-Weather Lamps for Vehicles (After Market)
CS 82-41 1941VehiclesInner-Controlled Spotlamps for Vehicles (After Market)
CS 83-41 1941VehiclesClearance, Marker, and Identification Lamps for Vehicles (After Market)
CS 84-41 1941VehiclesElectric Tail Lamps for Vehicles (After Market)
CS 85-41 1941VehiclesElectric License-Plate Lamps for  Vehicles
CS 86-41 1941VehiclesElectric Stop Lamps for Vehicles
CS 87-41 1941LanternsRed Electric Warning Lanterns
CS 88-41 1941FlaresLiquid Burning Flares
CS 89-40 1940WoodHardwood Stair Treads and Risers
CS 90-49 1949ConstructionPower  Cranes and Shovels
CS 90-58 1958ConstructionPower Cranes and Shovels (Supersedes CS 90-49 & 90E-47)
CS 90E-41 1941ConstructionCrawler Mounted, Revolving Power Shovels, Lifting Cranes, Dragline and Clamshell Excavators (Export Classifications)
CS 90E-47 1947ConstructionPower Cranes, and Shovels, Convertible Full-Revolving Type; Crawler, Truck, and Wheel Mounted; Including Clamshell, Dragline Lifting Crane, Hoe, Pile Driver, and Skimmer Scoop Operating Equipment (Export Classifications) (second edition)
CS 91-41 1941WoodFactory-Fitted Douglas Fir Entrance Doors  
CS 92-41 1941WoodCedar, Cypress, and Redwood Tank-Stock Lumber
CS 93-41 1941DrillsPortable  Electric Drills 
CS 93-50 1950DrillsPortable  Electric Drills (Exclusive of High Frequency) (Supersedes CS 93-41)
CS 94-41 1941LeadCalking Lead
CS 95-41 1941LeadLead Pipe
CS 96-41 1941LeadLead Traps and Bends
CS 97-42 1942VehiclesElectric Supplementary Driving and Passing Lamps for Vehicles (After Market)
CS 98-62 1962ArtArtists’ Oil Paints (Supersedes CS 98-42)
CS 99-42 1942FurnacesGas Floor Furnaces – Gravity Circulating Type 
CS 99-52 1952FurnacesGas Floor Furnaces – Gravity Circulating Type (Supersedes CS 99-42)
CS 100-47 1947UtensilsPorcelain-Enameled  Steel Utensils (Supersedes CS 100-44, 100-42)
CS 101-63 1963HeatersFlue-Connected Oil-Burning  Space Heaters and Recessed Heaters With  Vaporizing Pot-Type Burners (Supersedes CS 101-43)
CS 102E-42 1942EnginesDiesel and Fuel-Oil Engines (Export Classifications) (Also in Spanish)
CS 103-48 1948FabricsRayon Jacquard Velour (second edition)
CS 104-63 1963FurnacesWarm-Air Furnaces Equipped With Vaporizing-Type Oil Burners (Supersedes CS 104-49,104-46, 104-43)
CS 105-48 1948FabricsMineral Wool Insulation for Low Temperatures (Supersedes CS 105-43)
CS 106-57 1957ClothingBoys’ Pajama Size Measurements (Woven Fabrics) (Supersedes CS 106-44, 106-43)
CS 107-45 1945RefrigeratorsCommercial Electric-Refrigeration Condensing Units (Supersedes CS E 107-43)
CS 108-43 1943VehiclesTreading  Automobile and Truck Tires
CS 109-44 1944FurnacesSolid-Fuel-Burning Forced-Air Furnaces
CS 110-43 1943VehiclesTire Repairs-Vulcanized
CS 111-43 1943PlumbingEarthenware (Vitreous-Glazed) Plumbing Fixtures
CS 112-43 1943BoardsHomogeneous Fiber Wallboard
CS 113-63 1963FurnacesOil-Burning Floor Furnaces Equipped with Vaporizing Pot-Type Burners (Supersedes CS 113-51 & 113-44)
CS 114-43 1943MattressesHospital Sheeting for Mattress Protection
CS 115-60 1960HeatersPorcelain Enameled (Glass Lined) Tanks for Domestic Hot Water Service (Supersedes CS 115-44)
CS 116-54 1954PipesBituminized-Fiber Drain and Sewer Pipe (also in Spanish) (Supersedes CS 116-44)
CS 117-49 1949FabricsMineral Wool Insulation for Heated Industrial Equipment (Supersedes CS 117-44)
CS 118-44 1944JewelryMarking of Jewelry and Novelties of Silver (Superseded by PS 71-76)
CS 119-45 1945DialsDial  Indicators
CS 120-58 1958WoodPonderosa Pine  Doors (Supersedes CS 120-53,  120-48, 120-46, 120-44)
CS 121-45 1945ClothingWomen’s Slip Sizes
CS 122-60 1960WoodWestern Softwood Plywood (Supersedes CS 122-56 & superseded by PS 1-74)
CS 123-49 1949DiamondGrading of Diamond Powder (Supersedes CS 123-45  Supersedes CS 123-45)
CS 124-45 1945DisksMaster Disks
CS 125-47 1947HomesPrefabricated Homes (second edition)
CS 126-56 1956CompressorsTank-Mounted Air Compressors
CS 127-45 1945CoolersSelf-Contained Mechanically Refrigerated Drinking Water Coolers
CS 128-52 1952ClothingMen’s Sport Shirt Sizes – Woven Fabrics (Supersedes CS 128-49 & CS 128-45)
CS 129-47 1947ClothingMaterials For Safety Wearing Apparel (second edition)
CS 130-46 1946ArtColor materials for art education in schools
CS 131-46 1946FabricsIndustrial Mineral Wool Products, All Types – Testing and Reporting
CS 132-46 1946HardwareHardware Cloth
CS 133-46 1946NettingWoven Wire Netting
CS 134-46 1946UtensilsCast Aluminum Cooking Utensils (Metal Composition)
CS 135-46 1946ClothingMen’s Shirt Sizes (Exclusive of Work Shirts)   
CS 136-46 1946TextilesBlankets for Hospitals (Wool, and Wool and Cotton)
CS 137-46 1946ClothingSize Measurements for Men’s and Boys’ Shorts (Woven Fabrics)
CS 137-51 1951ClothingSize Measurements for Men’s and Boys’ Shorts (Woven Fabrics) (Supersedes CS 137-46)
CS 138-55 1955WiresInsect Wire Screening (Supersedes CS 138-49, 138-47)
CS 139-47 1947GlovesWork Gloves
CS 140-47 1947ConvectorsTesting and Rating Convectors
CS 141-47 1947BarsSine Bars, Blocks, Plates, and Fixtures
CS 142-65 1965LiftsAutomotive Lifts (Supersedes CS 142-62, 142-58, 142-51, 142-47)
CS 143-60 1960PipesPerforated Vitrified Clay Pipe (Standard & Extra Strength)
CS 144-47 1947WareFormed Metal Porcelain Enameled Sanitary Ware
CS 145-47 1947BoilersTesting & Rating Hand-Fired Hot-Water-Supply Boilers
CS 146-47 1947ClothingGowns For Hospital Patients
CS 147-47 1947PlasticsColors For Molded Urea Plastics
CS 148-50 1950ClothingMen’s Circular Flat-and Rib-Knit Rayon Underwear
CS 149-48 1948ClothingUtility Type House Dress Sizes
CS 150-63 1963BarsHot-Rolled Rail Steel Bars (Produced from Tee-Section Rails)
CS 151-50 1950ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Apparel for Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Children
CS 152-48 1948WoodCopper Naphthenate Wood-Preservative (Spray, brush, dip application)
CS 153-48 1948ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Apparel for Girls (Supersedes TS-4905a)
CS 154E-49 1949WiresWire Rope (Export Classifications)
CS 155-50 1950ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Boys’ Apparel (Knot Underwear, Shirts and Trousers) 
CS 156-49 1949PlasticsColors for Polystyrene Plastics
CS 157-56 1956WoodPine Plywood (Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, and Idaho White Pine) (Supersedes CS 157-49)
CS 158-49 1949ClothingModel Forms for Girls’ Apparel
CS 159-49 1949SunglassesSun Glass Lenses Made of Ground & Polished Plate Glass Thereafter Thermally Curved
CS 160-49 1949InsulationWood-Fiber Blanket Insulation (For Building Construction)
CS 161-59 1959WareStandard Grade Hit-Dipped Galvanized Ware (Coated After Fabrication) (Supersedes CS 161-49)
CS 162-49 1949TextilesTufted Bedspreads
CS 163-64 1964WoodPonderosa Pine Windows, Sash, and Screens (Using Single Glass and Insulating Glass) (Supersedes CS 163-59 & CS 193-53)
CS 164E-50 1950ConcreteConcrete Mixers (Construction Mixers & Pavers)  (Export Classification)
CS 165-50 1950WoodZinc Naphthenate Wood-Preservative (Spray, brush, dip application)
CS 166-50 1950ClothingSize Measurements for Men’s Work Trousers
CS 167-50 1950TubesAutomotive & General Service Copper Tube
CS 168-50 1950TilesPolystyrene Plastic Wall Tiles, & Adhesives for Their  Application
CS 169-59 1959WareStandard Grade Galvanized Ware Fabricated From Pregalvanized Steel Sheets
CS 170-50 1950TextilesCotton Flour Bag (Sack) Towels
CS 171-58 1958WoodHardwood Veneered Doors (Solid-Core, Hollow-Core, & Panel & Sash) (Supersedes CS 171-50 & CS 200-55)
CS 172-50 1950BathroomBrass Trim for Water-Closet Bowls, Tanks, & Urinals
CS 173-50 1950TablewareHeavy-Duty Alpha-Cellulose-Filled Melamine Tableware
CS 174-51 1951Solvents140-F Dry-Cleaning Solvent
CS 175-51 1951GlovesCircular-Knitted Gloves & Mittens
CS 176-58 1958PanelsPrefinished Hardboard Wall Panels  (Supersedes CS 176-51 & Superseded by PS 59-73 )
CS 177-62 1962PlumbingBituminous-Coated Metal Septic Tanks (Residential Types) (Supersedes CS 177-51)
CS 178-51 1951FansTesting and Rating Ventilating Fans (Axial & Propeller Types)
CS 179-51 1951FansInstallation of Attic Ventilating Fans in Residences
CS 180-52 1952ClothingModel Forms for Boys’ Apparel
CS 181-52 1952TilesWater-Resistant Organic Adhesives for Installation of Clay Tile
CS 182-51 1951MattressesLatex Foam Mattresses for Hospitals
CS 183-51 1951ClothingBoys’ Trouser Size Measurements
CS 184-51 1951FencesSteel  Fence Posts – Field and Line Type (Produced from Hot-Rolled Steel Sections)
CS 185-52 1952FabricsWool Felt
CS 186-52 1952ClothingBoys’ Sports-Outerwear Size Measurements
CS 187-52 1952ClothingMen’s Work Shirt Sizes
CS 188-66 1966PipesCast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings (Supersedes CS 188-59)
CS 189-52 1952ClothingWomen’s Circular Flat-Knit Rayon Underwear Sizes (Including Nightgowns and Pajamas)
CS 190-64 1964WoodWood Double-Hung Window Units (Supersedes CS 190-59)
CS 191-53 1953TextilesFlammability of Clothing Textiles
CS 192-53 1953FilmGeneral Purpose Vinyl Plastic Film
CS 193-53 1953WoodStandard Stock Ponderosa Pine Insulating-Glass Windows and Sash
CS 194-53 1953WoodPentachlorophenol Concentrate for  Wood Preservation and Soil Poisoning
CS 195-60 1960FurnacesWarm-Air Furnace Burner Units Equipped with Pressure-Atomizing or Rotary Type Oil Burners (Supersedes CS 195-57)
CS 196-55 1955ClothingModel Forms for Toddlers’ and Children’s Apparel
CS 197-59 1959PipesFlexible polyethylene plastic pipe
CS 198-55 1955ClothingInfants’, Children’s, Girls’, and Boys’ Knit Underwear (Exclusive of Rayon, Acetate, and Nylon)
CS 199-55 1955ShinglesMachine-Grooved Shakes and Rebutted-Rejointed Shingles
CS 200-55 1955DoorsHardwood Veneered Hollow-Core Flush Doors
CS 201-55 1955SheetsRigid Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets
CS 202-56 1956LiftsIndustrial Lifts and Hinged Loading Ramps
CS 203-56 1956PaperFlame-Resistant Paper and Paperboard (Superseded by  PS 46-71)
CS 204-64 1964WoodWood Awning Window Units (Supersedes CS 204-59)
CS 205-64 1964WoodWood Casement Window Units (Supersedes CS 205-59)
CS 206-57 1957PipesSolvent Welded (SWP Size) Cellulose-Acetate Butyrate Pipe 
CS 207-60 1960PipesRigid Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe
CS 208-57 1957WoodStandard Stock Exterior Wood Window and Door Frames
CS 209-57 1957HosesVinyl Chloride Plastics Garden Hose
CS 211-57 1957DoorsFlush type interior steel doors and frames
CS 212-57 1957DoorsSteel Sliding Closet Door and Frame Units
CS 213-57 1957DoorsSteel Knockdown Sliding Closet Door Units (For Wood Frame Installation)
CS 214-57 1957PanelsGlass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester Corrugated Structural Plastics Panels (Superseded by PS 53-72)
CS 215-58 1958ClothingBody Measurements for the Sizing of Women’s Patterns and Apparel
CS 216-58 1958InsulationAsphalt Insulating Siding
CS 217-59 1959AbrasivesGrading of Abrasive Grain on Coated Abrasive Products
CS 218-59 1959PipesRigid ABS Plastic Pipe (IPS Dimensions)
CS 219-59 1959PipesDimensions and Tolerances for Solvent Welded Rigid ABS Plastic Pipe
CS 220-59 1959PipesDimensions and Tolerances for Lightweight Rigid ABS Plastic Pipe
CS 221-59 1959BathroomGel-Coated Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Resin Bathtubs 
CS 222-59 1959BathroomGel-Coated Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Resin Shower Receptors
CS 223-59 1959WheelsCasters, Wheels, and Glides for Hospital Equipment
CS 224-60 1960PipesVitrified Clay Sewer Pipe (Standard and Extra Strength)
CS 225-59 1959VacuumsMethod of Rating Commercial and Industrial Type Vacuum Cleaners (Portable and Mobile)
CS 226-59 1959PipesLaminated-Wall, Bituminized-Fiber Drain and Sewer Pipe
CS 227-59 1959FilmPolyethylene Film
CS 228-61 1961PipesStyrene-Rubber Plastic Drain and Sewer Pipe and Fittings
CS 229-60 1960TubesCopper Drainage Tube (DWV)
CS 230-60 1960PlasticsVinyl Plastic Weatherstrip
CS 231A-60 1960AircraftAircraft Hangar Doors of the Manually Operated Horizontal Sliding Type (Steel Frame)  
CS 231B-61 1961AircraftAircraft Hangar Doors of the Individually Power-Operated Horizontal Sliding Type (Steel Frame)
CS 231C-63 1963AircraftAircraft Hangar Doors of the Partial Group Power-Operated Horizontal Sliding Type (Steel Frame)
CS 231D-63 1963AircraftAircraft Hangar Doors of the Full Group Power-Operated Horizontal Sliding Type (Steel Frame)
CS 231E-63 1963AircraftAircraft Hangar Doors of the Power-Operated Unbraced-Canopy Type (Steel Frame)
CS 232-60 1960WiresIndustrial Wire Cloth
CS 233-63 1963WoodLaminated Hardwood Block Flooring (Supersedes CS 233-60)
CS 234-61 1961ClothingMeasurements for Stretch Socks and Anklets
CS 235-61 1961FencesPressure Treated  Wood Fence Posts (With Oil-Type Preservatives)
CS 236-66 1966WoodMat-Formed Wood Particleboard (Supersedes CS 236-61)
CS 237-61 1961PipesDimensions and Tolerances for Schedule Type I and Schedule A Type II Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (Lightweight PVC Pipe)
CS 238-61 1961SheetsPolyethylene Sheeting (Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications) (Superseded by Product Standard – PS 17-69 – same title)
CS 239-63 1963SheetsTFE Fluorocarbon (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resin Sheet
CS 240-61 1961ScreensAluminum Tubular Frame Screens
CS 241-61 1961ScreensAluminum Tension Window Screens
CS 242-62 1962DoorsStandard Stock Commercial 1-3/4-Inch Thick Steel Doors and Frames
CS 243-62 1962PlumbingStainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures (Designed for Residential Use)
CS 244-62 1962DrainageRoof Drainage Products (Supersedes SPR 29-51)
CS 245-62 1962LaminatesVinyl-Metal Laminates
CS 246-62 1962FencesSteel Chain Link Galvanized Fence Fabric
CS 247-62 1962HosesTFE-Fluorocarbon (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resin Flexible Hose (Wire Braid Reinforced)
CS 248-64 1964ScreensVinyl-Coated Glass Fiber Insect Screening and Louver Cloth (Supersedes CS 248-62 )
CS 249-62 1962WoodPressure-Treated Douglas Fir Marine Piles
CS 250-62 1962WoodPressure-Treated Southern Pine Marine Piles
CS 251-63 1963WoodHardboard (Reprinted April 1967 with Amendments)
CS 252-63 1963TubesTFE-Fluorocarbon (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resin Electrical Insulating Tubing
CS 253-631963WoodStructural Glued Laminated Timber (Superseded by PS 56-73)
CS 254-63 1963PipesAcrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastic Pipe (SDR-PR and Class T)
CS 255-63 1963PipesPolyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SDR-PR) (Superseded by PS 11-69)
CS 256-63 1963PipesPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic Pipe (SDR-PR and Class T)
CS 257-63 1963ResinTFE-Fluorocarbon (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resin Molded Basic Shapes
CS 258-63 1963ClothingExpanded Vinyl Fabrics for Apparel Use
CS 259-63 1963WoodSouthern Pine Plywood
CS 260-63 1963BoardsShoeboard
CS 261-63 1963DiamondGrading of Diamond Powder in Sub-Sieve Sizes
CS 262-63 1963PreservativesWater-Repellent Preservative Non-Pressure Treatment for Millwork
CS 263-64 1964HardwareAluminum Nails
CS 264-64 1964WoodWood Horizontal-Sliding Window Units (All Sash Operating)
CS 265-64 1964WoodWood Horizontal-Sliding Window Units (One or More Non-Operating Sash)
CS 266-64 1964WoodWood Single-Hung Window Units
CS 267-65 1965SteelSteel Medicine Cabinets
CS 268-65 1965CattlehidesHide Trim Pattern for Domestic Cattlehides
CS 269-65 1965FencesAluminum Alloy Chain Link Fencing
CS 270-65 1965PipesAcrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings
CS 271-65 1965WheelsGrading of Abrasive Grain for Grinding Wheels
CS 272-65 1965PipesPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings 
CS 273-65 1965FabricsExpanded Vinyl Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery Use
CS 274-66 1966FilmTFE-Fluorocarbon (Polytetrofluoroethylene) Resin Sintered Thin Coatings for Dry Film Lubrication


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