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Standardization Coordination

Standards effectively expedite trade and stimulate economic growth when they are developed, maintained, and applied in accordance with national policy, processes, and procedures. NIST provides guidance, training, information, and assistance so that companies, government agencies, standards bodies, and others can successfully work together on essential standardization and conformity assessment activities.

Federal agencies may obtain coordination and support services from to achieve the following goals:

Improve or clarify agency alignment with federal policy

  • Reliance on voluntary consensus standards
  • Appropriate use of standards
  • Effective conformity assessment programs

Initiate or support work on new standards 

  • Identify relevant standards development organizations
  • Catalyze or foster development of needed standards
  • Drive the development of technical standards critical to national goals

Strengthen conformity assessment programs

  • Analyze pros and cons of available options for conformity assessment
  • Design or implement robust conformity assessment program
  • Launch programs critical to national goals

Agencies requiring support in the specific areas listed above are invited to describe
their needs in an email to SCO. You will receive a response within one week.




Created May 19, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019