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VCCI Laboratory Registration under the US-Japan EMC Arrangement

Acceptance of EMC Test Data for Information Technology Equipment (ITE)


The US and Japan have made special arrangements for the acceptance of EMC test data for Information Technology Equipment (ITE).  The Arrangement was formalized through exchange letters and became effective April 1, 2007.     

Under the special arrangement,

  1. The FCC will accept EMC test results for ITE from accredited Japanese laboratories that meet ISO/IEC 17025 and specific FCC requirements.

Note:  These test reports are acceptable to support the Declaration of Conformity (DoC), as defined in 47 CFR, Part 2.906, for EMC with respect to Unintentional Radiators and Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment (ISM), as defined in 47 CFR, Parts 15.3(z) and 18.107 (c).

  1. Japan’s Voluntary Control Council for Interference by ITE Council (VCCI Council), a private-sector organization, will accept IT equipment test data from accredited US laboratories that meet ISO/IEC 17025 and the specific VCCI requirements noted below.   

Requirements for US Testing Laboratories

1. Accreditation

US Test labs must obtain and maintain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by a US accreditation body (AB) that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the VCCI Council.

The following US ABs have a signed MOU: A2LA, ANAB, and NVLAP.

The latest version of technical requirements adopted by VCCI are VCCI-CISPR 32: 2016 and VCCI -V3/2016.11.

Note:  These technical requirements are stored under the VCCI Members only page.  A User ID and Password are needed to access this information. See below.   

2. VCCI Membership

US Test labs must obtain and maintain membership with the VCCI Council.

Membership must be renewed periodically. 

If you have specific questions about VCCI membership, please contact the VCCI Council at facility [at] (facility[at]vcci[dot]jp)

3. VCCI Laboratory (Site) Registration

US Test labs must obtain and maintain  Laboratory (Site) Registration with the VCCI Council.

Laboratory Registration must be renewed periodically. 

Labs should keep their single VCCI contact up-to-date so they do not miss the VCCI prompts for renewals.   

If you have specific questions about Site/Laboratory Registration, please contact the VCCI Council at facility [at] (facility[at]vcci[dot]jp)

Additional Resources  

VCCI Guide  

VCCI List of Registered Laboratories  - Select the Search All tab. The validity date (date of expiration) of each organization’s registration is listed.     

Separate Telecom MRA for Certification Bodies

The US and Japan have signed a separate Telecom MRA for the recognition of certification bodies.  For information on this Agreement and to view the Designation Criteria, please visit the NIST US-Japan Telecom MRA webpage.

 Content initially posted on 7/19/2017


Created July 19, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019