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NIST Publications

NIST has developed a variety of publications that support a deeper exploration of certain standardization and conformity assessment activities. Take advantage of our in-depth studies, compliance guides, and related analyses of recent standards-related activities and issues.

Industry Guides | Impact Studies | Regional/National/International Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems | U.S. Standards System

Industry Guides

A set of guides on product compliance requirements in specific industry sectors has been released by NIST's Standards Services. The guides include information on Federal and State regulatory frameworks, voluntary standards frameworks, applicable voluntary standards, mandatory technical regulations, and conformity assessment procedures for each sector.

NISTIR 8178: Guide to United States Cosmetic Products Compliance Requirements (2017)

NISTIR 8118r1: Guide to United States Electrical and Electronic Equipment Compliance Requirements (2017)

NISTIR 8120: Guide to United States Imported Motor Vehicle Equipment and Parts Compliance Requirements (2016)

NISTIR 8119: Guide to United States Furniture Compliance Requirements (2016)

NISTIR 8115: Guide to United States Apparel and Household Textiles Compliance Requirements (2016)

NISTIR 8116: Guide to United States Footwear Compliance Requirements (2016)

NISTIR 8117: Guide to United States Flat-Rolled Steel Compliance Requirements (2016)

Note:  As part of the ongoing cooperation between the World Trade Organization Agreement (WTO) on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)Inquiry Points in Brazil and the U.S., Brazil's Inmetro has also released specific industry sector guides.


Impact Studies

NISTGCR 15-995: A Measure of Domestic Security: Economic Benefits of NIST's Support of Public Safety and Security (2015)

NISTIR 7861: The Benefits of U.S.-European Security Standardization (2012)

NISTIR 7473: An Overview of the Development and Potential Impact of the IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) Standard (2012)

NISTGCR 12-967: A Case Study: The Economic Benefits of NIST's Role in Security Standards Development: X-Ray Standards for Bulk-Explosives Detection (2012)

NISTGCR 12-971: The Economic Benefits of NIST's Role in the Market Transition to Solid State Lighting Technology (2012)

NIST GCR G2012-0299: The Economic Impacts of Documentary Standards: A Case Study of the Flat Panel Display Measurement Standard (FPDM) (2011)

NISTGCR 11-935: Economic Impact of U.S. and Brazil Inquiry Point Information Services Under the World Trade Organization's Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO TBT): Exploratory Investigation and Development of an Analytical Approach (2011)

NISTIR 7548: Selected Impacts of Documentary Standards Supported by NIST (2009)

NIST RTI Project Number 08628: Measuring Benefits from the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act (Final Report)(2004)


Regional/National/International Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems

NISTIR 8007: A Review of U.S.A. Participation in the ISO and IEC (2014)

NISTIR 6440: NVCASE Program Handbook: Procedures for Obtaining NIST Recognition as an Accreditor (2004)

NIST Guidance on Federal Conformity Assessment Activities  (15 CFR Part 287) (2000)

NISTIR 6492: A Review of U.S. Participation in the ISO and the IEC (2000)

NISTIR 6120: Environmental Management Systems Voluntary Project Evaluation Guidance (1998)

NISTIR 6077: The U.S. Certification System from a Governmental Perspective (1997)

NISTIR 6014: ABC's of the U.S. Conformity Assessment System (1997)

NIST SP 891: Standards Setting in the European Union: Standards Organizations and Officials in EU Standards Activities, a joint publication of the U.S. Mission to the European Union, the Commercial Service, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce (1997)

NIST SP 2000-01: ABCs of Conformity Assessment (2018) 

NIST SP 2000-02: Conformity Assessment Considerations for Federal Agencies (2018)


U.S. Standards System

NIST GCR 11-934: An Empirical Study of the Effects of Ex Ante Licensing Disclosure Policies on the Development of Voluntary Technical Standards (2011)

NISTIR 7614: The ABC's of Standards Activities (2009)  

NIST SP 974: Proceedings of the NIST Centennial Standards Symposium - Standards in the Global Economy (2001)

NISTIR 89-4194: A Glossary of Standards-Related Terminology (1989)


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