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Required Documents: Phase-II CAB Designation to OFCA - Hong Kong

CABs seeking to be designated by Hong Kong for Phase II must meet the requirements specified in the OFCA recognition_fcb_requirements_e.pdf Criteria and Requirements Applicable to Foreign Testing Laboratories and Certification Bodies Seeking Recognition by OFCA as Conformity Assessment Bodies

The following list of documents must be submitted for U.S. CAB nomination under Phase II of the APEC TEL MRA for OFCA requirements:

  1. A cover letter including:

    Request to NIST for CAB nomination to OFCA under Phase-II of the APEC Tel MRA
    Primary contact person's name, mailing address, phone number including extension (if any), fax, email
    Alternate contact person's name, mailing address, phone number including extension (if any), fax, email
    Desired OFCA Scope for Phase-II

  2. oftaa423form_hongkong.pdf OFCA A423 Form - with sections B and C completed. Please do not complete sections A and D

    A copy of the ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation Certificate and Scope (issued by A2LA or ANSI)
    A copy of the ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Certificate and Scope (issued by A2LA, NVLAP, or ACLASS)
  3. A copy of the CB's certification procedures
  4. A copy of the CB's auditing and surveillance procedures
  5. A copy of the full ISO/IEC Guide 65 Assessment Report and Findings/Deficiency Report and a confirmation letter issued by the accreditation body (A2LA or ANSI) confirming the competency of the CB to certify products to the applicable Hong Kong requirements.
  6. A copy of the completed fcb_checklist_e.pdf OFCA Checklist  for Technical Competence Assessment of Foreign Certification Bodies (checklist to be completed by A2LA or ANSI)
  7. A copy of contractual arrangements if part or all of the testing activities are subcontracted to accredited testing laboratories

Please submit the completed application electronically (via email) to mra [at] (mra[at]nist[dot]gov)

Content last revised on October 20, 2014


Created May 3, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019