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Required Documents: Phase-I CAB Designation of APEC Tel MRA

Please provide the following documents to NIST to request a Phase-I CAB designation under the APEC Tel MRA.  Send the above information electronically to mra [at] (mra[at]nist[dot]gov) :

1. A cover letter including:

  • Primary contact person's name, mailing address, phone number and email. 
  •  Alternate contact person's name, mailing address, phone number and email. 
  • List of standards (may include test methods and/or regulations) for which recognition is being sought. The standards requested must be (1) included on the economy's Annex I, and (2) included on the current Scope of Accreditation. 

2. The most recent copy of the ISO/IEC 17025 Scope and Certificate of Accreditation issued by a laboratory accreditation body (AB) found acceptable for use (by NIST) under Phase I of the MRA.

The Scope must include  each up-to-date standard for which recognition is being sought.  If the most current versions of standards for which recognition is being sought are not included on the Scope of Accreditation, please update the Scope of Accreditation directly with the AB before applying to the NIST MRA Program Office.  Submitting out-of-date information to NIST will slow the application process.  

The process of applying for and obtaining recognition can take up to 90 days for complete applications.  If the Scope of Accreditation is within 120 days of the expiration date, it is best to wait and apply when the Scope has been renewed. 

3. CAB Declaration form signed by the primary and alternate contacts.

4. Please refer to relevant economy information found in TABLE 1:  List of Economies & Designation Requirements for any additional specific information/documents that must be submitted. 

Technical Content last revised on June 2, 2023


Created April 26, 2017, Updated June 2, 2023