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North Carolina State University, College of Textiles

North Carolina State University, College of Textiles

NIST Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program Awardee (2013, 2014)

Incorporating Standards Education into Courses on Textile Protection and Comfort

2013: To develop new course materials on standards principles for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as distance education courses, on the comfort and protective performance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for protecting against exposures to fire and intense heat, chemical and biological threats, and mechanical and ballistic hazards.

2014: As part of the new NCSU Institute for Human Protection and Comfort Sciences, the College of Textiles will offer a Professional Science Masters in Human Protection and Comfort and instruction on standards and test methods will be integrated into four courses targeting advanced undergraduates and graduate students.  This instruction will be delivered on-campus and incorporated into short courses available through the NCSU Extension program expanding the reach of these new courses. 

Additionally, a paper was published about this award in the SES Journal and is available here: Integrating Standards into Courses on High Performance of Garment Protection Systems and Human Protection and Comfort at North Carolina State University, Donald B. Thompson, Roger L. Barker, and Emiel Den Hartog, North Carolina State University (Jan/Feb 2016). 

The contacts for this award are Roger Barker, roger_barker [at] and Donald Thompson dthomps1 [at]


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Created September 12, 2018, Updated May 12, 2023