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Interagency Committee on Standards Policy (ICSP): Members

The ICSP Membership consists of one principal representative from each Federal Executive Agency. This representative is an official (at the Senior Executive Service or higher level) who is appointed to serve as the Agency's Standards Executive with responsibilities as defined in OMB Circular A-119 Section 15.

Here are the current ICSP Standards Executives and their representatives plus others that support ICSP activities. Please note that if there is no person listed then that position is currently vacant.

Access Board (ACCESS)
Standards Executive Sachin Pavithran
Executive Director
Phone: 202-272-0010
Email: pavithran [at]
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative  
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Standards Executive Jacqueline Campbell
Voluntary Standards Coordinator 
Phone: 301-987-2024
Email: JCampbell [at]
Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Christopher Thompson
Branch Chief
Dairy Standardization Branch, Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: 202-720-9382
Email: Christopher.D.Thompson [at]
Department of Commerce (DOC)
Standards Executive Gordon Gillerman
Standards Coordination Office
Phone: 301-975-8406
Email: gordon.gillerman [at]
Standards Executive Representative  
Department of Defense (DoD)
Standards Executive Michael Heaphy
Email: Michael.Heaphy [at]
Standards Executive Representative Timothy Koczanski
Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO-DS)
Phone: 571-767-6870
Email: Tim.Koczanski [at]
Department of Education (ED)
Standards Executive James Hicks
Enterprise Architect
Information Technology Program Services, Office of Chief Information Officer
Phone: 202-245-8226
Email: James.Hicks [at]
Department of Energy (DOE)
Standards Executive Garrett Smith
Phone: 301-903-7440
Email: Garrett.Smith [at]
Standards Executive Representative Jeffrey Feit
Phone: 301-903-0471
Email: Jeffrey.Feit [at]
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Susan Jenkins
Email: Susan.Jenkins [at]
Standards Executive Representative CAPT Scott Colburn
Director, CDRH Standards Program
FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Phone: 301-796-6287
Email: scott.colburn [at]
Standards Executive Representative Hany Demian
FDA Standards Executive
Office of the Commissioner/Office of Chief Scientist/Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation
(301) 796-6420
hany.demian [at]
Standards Executive Representative

Maryann D'Alessandro
CDC NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory
Phone: 412-386-4033
Email: bpj5 [at]

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Standards Executive Renee Stevens
Office of Standards, Science & Technology Directorate
Email: renee.stevens [at]
Standards Executive Representative


Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Michael Blanford
Phone: 202-402-5728
Email: Michael.D.Blanford [at]
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Standards Executive Melinda Rogers
Chief Information Officer
Email: Melinda.Rogers [at] 
Standards Executive Representative Mark Greene
Email: mark.greene2 [at]
Standards Executive Representative Michael Haas
Senior Law Enforcement Advisor & Special Assistant
Phone: 202-305-5719
Email: Michael.W.Haas [at]
Department of Labor (DOL)
Standards Executive

Lisa Long
Deputy Director
OSHA Directorate of Standards and Guidance
Email: Long.Lisa [at]

Standards Executive Representative Bill Hamilton
Standards and Guidance
Phone: 202-693-2077
Email: Hamilton.Bill [at]
Standards Executive Representative Omar Whitfield
Email: Whitfield.Omar [at]
Department of State (DOS)
Standards Executive

Andrew S. Hamrick
Office of Multilateral Trade Affairs
Email: HamrickAS [at]

Standards Executive Representative Paul Najarian
Email: NajarianPB [at]
Department of the Interior (DOI)
Standards Executive Representative Glenn Guempel
Standards Architect
Phone: 703-648-4541
Email: gguempel [at]
Standards Executive Representative Lin Zhang
Email: Lin_Zhang [at]
Department of the Treasury (TRES)
Standards Executive

Paul Sforza
Email: Paul.Sforza [at]

Standards Executive Representative  
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Standards Executive Timothy A. Klein
Senior Policy Advisor
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Phone: 202-366-0075
Email: Timothy.Klein [at]
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Standards Executive

Randy Padal
Acting Executive Directive for IT Acquisition and Category Management

Office of Strategic Sourcing, Office of Information and Technology

Phone: 303-249-9460; 720-480-6855
Email: randy.padal [at] VA.Gov

Standards Executive Representative  
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Standards Executive Elise Owen
Phone: 202-564-0475
Email: owen.elise [at]
Standards Executive Representative Colby Lintner
Environmental Protection Specialist
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Phone: 202-564-8182
Email: Lintner.Colby [at]
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Michael Crowe
Office of Engineering and Technology
Phone: 202-418-2863
Email: mcrowe [at]
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Standards Executive
Standards Executive Representative  
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Standards Executive Kathryn Allen
Phone: 202-502-8585
Email: kathryn.allen [at]
Standards Executive Representative  
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Standards Executive Representative  
Standards Executive Representative Michael Lezaja
Office of the General Counsel
Phone: 202-326-2661
Email: mlezaja [at]
General Services Administration (GSA)
Standards Executive Jeffrey Thurston
Director, Office of Supply Chain Management
General Supplies and Services
Phone: 703-605-5612
Email: jeffrey.thurston [at]
Standards Executive Representative Jennifer Moffat
Program Analyst
Plans and Policy Branch
Office of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 703-605-2567
Email: jennifer.moffat [at]
Standards Executive Representative

Christopher Pollock
Chief, Policy, Standards and Engineering Branch
Engineering and Cataloging Division

Office of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 703-605-9256
Email: christopher.pollock [at]

Standards Executive Representative Ruben Vazquez
Director, Plans, Policy, and Program Integration Division
Office of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 646-455-7194
Email: ruben.vazquez [at]
Government Publishing Office (GPO)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Sam Musa
Chief Information Officer
Email: wmusa [at]
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Standards Executive Ralph Roe
Email: ralph.r.roe [at]
Standards Executive Representative Paul Gill
NASA Technical Standards Program Manager
Engineering Policy and Programs Office
Phone: 256-544-2557
Email: paul.gill [at]
Standards Executive Representative Adam West
NASA Technical Standards Program Executive
Office of the Chief Engineer
Phone: 202-358-1552
Email: adam.d.west-1 [at]
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Gordon Gillerman
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Standards Coordination Office
gordon.gillerman [at]


Dimitrios Meritis
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Standards Coordination Office
dimitrios.meritis [at]


National Science Foundation (NSF)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative  
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Standards Executive Louise Lund
Director - Division of Engineering
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
Phone: 301-415-0377
Email: louise.lund [at]
Standards Executive Representative Meraj Rahimi
Regulatory Guides and Generic Issues Branch
Phone: 301-415-6802
Email: Meraj.Rahimi [at]
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
OMB/ICSP Liaison

Jasmeet Seehra
Phone: 202-395-3123
Email: jasmeet_k._seehra [at]

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative  
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative  
U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative  
U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
Standards Executive  
U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)
Standards Executive Jennifer Stradtman
Director Technical Barriers to Trade
Phone: 202-395-4498
Email: Jennifer_A_Stradtman [at]
Standards Executive Representative  
United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)
Standards Executive  
Standards Executive Representative Ashley Moore
Program Advisor
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Phone: 202-203-4069
Email: amoore [at]



Created April 1, 2021, Updated February 9, 2023