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Interagency Committee on Standards Policy (ICSP) Members

The Individuals displayed here are the current ICSP Standards Executives and their Alternates plus others that support ICSP activities. Names marked with an * only served for a portion of the year.


Current Fiscal Year: 2016
Record Count: 72


Access Board (ACCESS)
Standards ExecutiveMr. David Capozzi
JobTitle: Executive Director
Phone: 202-272-0010
Fax: 202-272-0081
Email: capozzi [at]
AlternateMs. Marsha Mazz
JobTitle: Technical Assistance Coordinator
Office: Technical and Information Services
Phone: 202-272-0020
Fax: 202-272-0081
Email: mazz [at]
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Standards ExecutivePatricia Edwards
JobTitle: Voluntary Standards Coordinator
Phone: 301-987-2224
Email: PEdwards [at]
Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Standards ExecutiveMs. Erin Morris
JobTitle: Deputy Associate Administrator
Office: Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: 202-720-4276
Email: Erin.Morris [at]
Department of Commerce (DOC)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Gordon Gillerman
JobTitle: Director
Office: Standards Coordination Office
Phone: 301-975-8406
Email: gordon.gillerman [at]
Department of Defense (DoD)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Gregory Saunders
JobTitle: Director
Office: Defense Standardization Program Office
Phone: 703-767-6880
Fax: 703-767-6876
Email: gregory.saunders [at]
AlternateMs. Trudie Williams
Office: Defense Standardization Program Office
Phone: 703-767-6875
Fax: 703-767-6876
Email: trudie.williams [at]
Department of Education (ED)
Standards ExecutiveJames Hicks
JobTitle: Enterprise Architect
Office: Information Technology Program Services, Office of Chief Information Officer
Phone: 202-245-8226
Email: James.Hicks [at]
Department of Energy (DOE)
Standards ExecutiveDr. James O'Brien
Email: Jennifer.Alexander [at] Hq.Doe.Gov
AlternateMr. Jeffrey Feit
JobTitle: Manager
Phone: 301-903-0471
Fax: 301-903-6172
Email: Jeffrey.Feit [at]
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Standards ExecutiveDr. James Sorace
JobTitle: Senior Medical Officer
Office: Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Phone: 202-205-8678
Email: James.Sorace [at]
AlternateMs. Suzie Burke-Bebee
JobTitle: Senior Health Informatician
Phone: 202-401-8266
Fax: 202-692-5882
Email: Suzie.Burke-Bebee [at] HHS.GOV
Mr. Scott Colburn
JobTitle: Director, CDRH Standards Program
Office: FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Phone: 301-796-6287
Email: scott.colburn [at]
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Philip Mattson
JobTitle: Director
Office: Office of Standards, Science & Technology Directorate
Phone: 202-254-5861
Email: Philip.Mattson [at]
AlternateMr. Peter Shebell
Office: Office of Standards, Science & Technology Direcotrate
Phone: 202-254-5706
Fax: 202-254-6176
Email: Peter.Shebell [at]
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
AlternateMr. Dana Bres
JobTitle: Research Engineer
Office: Affordable Housing Research and Technology Division
Phone: 202-402-5919 Ext: 5919
Fax: 202-708-5873
Email: dana.b.bres [at]
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Standards ExecutiveJoseph Klimavicz
JobTitle: Chief Information Officer
Email: joseph.klimavicz [at]
AlternateMark Greene
Email: mark.greene2 [at]
Michael Haas
JobTitle: Senior Law Enforcement Advisor & Special Assistant
Phone: 202-305-5719
Email: Michael.W.Haas [at]
Department of Labor (DOL)
Standards ExecutiveWilliam Perry
JobTitle: Acting Director
Office: Directorate of Standards and Guidance
Phone: 202-693-1950
Email: perry.bill [at]
AlternateBill Hamilton
Office: Standards and Guidance
Phone: 202-693-2077
Email: Hamilton.Bill [at]
Department of State (DOS)
Standards ExecutiveShelbie Legg
JobTitle: Economic Officer
Office: Economic Bureau
Phone: 202-647-8202
Email: leggsc [at]
AlternateFranz Zichy
JobTitle: Electronic Engineer
Office: Economic Bureau
Phone: 202-647-7577
Email: zichyFJ [at]
Department of the Interior (DOI)
AlternateGlenn Guempel
JobTitle: Standards Architect
Office: USGS
Phone: 703-648-4541
Email: gguempel [at]
Lin Zhang
Email: Lin_Zhang [at]
Department of the Treasury (TRES)
Standards ExecutiveNhien Be
Email: [at]
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Standards ExecutiveTimothy A. Klein
JobTitle: Senior Policy Advisor
Office: Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Phone: 202-366-0075
Fax: 202-366-1134
Email: Timothy.Klein [at]
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Jan Frye
JobTitle: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Material Management
Office: Acquisition & Material Management
Phone: 202-273-6029
Fax: 202-273-6163
Email: Jan.Frye [at]
AlternateVirginia Boyett
JobTitle: Program Analyst
Office: VHA Office of Health Information, Enterprise Systems Management Office, Business Archecture Services
Phone: 202-461-6907
Email: Virginia.Boyett [at]
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Standards ExecutiveElise Owen
Phone: 202-564-0475
Email: owen.elise [at]
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
AlternateMr. Michael Crowe
Office: Office of Engineering and Technology
Phone: 202-418-2863
Fax: 202-418-1918
Email: mcrowe [at]
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Standards ExecutiveKathryn Allen
Phone: 202-502-8585
Email: kathryn.allen [at]
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Alain Sheer
JobTitle: Senior Attorney
Office: Division of Financial Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection
Phone: 202-326-3321
Fax: 202-326-3392
Email: asheer [at]
General Services Administration (GSA)
Standards ExecutiveJeffrey Thurston
Office: Office of General Supplies and Services
Phone: 703-605-5612
Email: jeffrey.thurston [at]
AlternateMs. Jennifer Moffat
JobTitle: Program Analyst
Office: Office of General Supplies and Services
Phone: 703-605-2567
Fax: 703-605-9856
Email: jennifer.moffat [at]
Ruben Vazquez
JobTitle: Director
Office: Office of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 646-455-7194
Email: ruben.vazquez [at]
Government Publishing Office (GPO)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Herbert Jackson
JobTitle: Chief Administrative Officer
Email: hjackson [at]
AlternateMs. Oksana Pozda
Email: opozda [at]
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Standards ExecutiveMr. Ralph Roe
Email: ralph.r.roe [at]
AlternateMr. Paul Gill
JobTitle: NASA Technical Standards Program Manager
Office: Engineering Policy and Programs Office
Phone: 256-544-2557
Fax: 256-544-4131
Email: paul.gill [at]
Mr. Adam West
JobTitle: NASA Technical Standards Program Executive
Office: Office of the Chief Engineer
Phone: 202-358-1552
Email: adam.d.west-1 [at]
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
AlternateLaura McCarthy
JobTitle: Standards Officer
Phone: 301-837-3046
Email: Laura.McCarthy [at]
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Committee ChairMr. Gordon Gillerman
JobTitle: Director
Office: Standards Coordination Office
Phone: 301-975-8406
Email: gordon.gillerman [at]
Committee SecretariatMs. Mary Donaldson
Office: Standards Services Group
Phone: 301-975-6197
Email: mary.donaldson [at]
Committee Vice ChairVacant
NIST SupportMr. David Alderman
Office: Standards Services Group
Phone: 301-975-4019
Email: david.alderman [at]
Nathalie Rioux
Office: Standards Services Group
Phone: 301-275-2649
Email: nathalie.rioux [at]
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Standards ExecutiveDr. Jose Munoz
Phone: 703-292-8003
Email: jmunoz [at]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Standards ExecutiveBrian Thomas
JobTitle: Director, Division of Engineering
Office: Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
Phone: 301-415-0377
Email: Brian.Thomas [at]
AlternateMs. Carol Moyer
JobTitle: Program Manager, Codes and Standards
Office: Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
Phone: 301-251-7641
Fax: 301-415-5074
Email: carol.moyer [at]
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
OMB/ICSP LiaisonMs. Jasmeet Seehra
JobTitle: OMB/ICSP Liaison
Office: Office of Management and Budget
Phone: 202-395-3123
Email: jasmeet_k._seehra [at]
Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC)
Standards ExecutiveMs. Dawn Brown
JobTitle: Standards Program Manager
Office: Office of Industries
Phone: 202-205-4721
Email: Dawn.Brown [at]
U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)
Standards ExecutiveVacant
AlternateKelly Milton
Email: Kelly_K._Milton [at]





Created August 11, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019