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Use Case Reference Model Database

The requirements of public safety are very multifaceted. As first responders incorporate more mobile technology into their mission strategies, they will have to evaluate those solutions from the perspectives of usability, interoperability, and cybersecurity. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of more and more mobile applications.

In an attempt to address this challenge, NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Division developed Atlas, a use case reference model database that explores how to provide meaningful cyber security guidance for public safety mobile applications. This database provides information on the use and security of software by proposing use case scenarios as a proxy for the system at the center of the NIST Risk Management Framework.

By aiding in the classification of related public safety incidents, the project hopes to explore more interactive strategies of engaging public safety with searchable databases to enhance their overall situational awareness. 

Obtaining the Software


Public safety professionals use this web application by entering information related to encountered scenarios and then organize and link related incidents and organizations based on common information.

The application includes a number of components to help with storing and searching for information including:

  • Database
  • Frontend Application
    • Use Case Catalog
    • Information Type Catalog
    • Glossary


PSCR Security Portfolio Lead

Created January 18, 2021, Updated February 12, 2021