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PSCR Haptic Challenge Environments

This Unreal Engine project has been created specifically for the PSCR Haptic Challenge. It features three different first responder scenarios that will be leveraged by the challenge contestants. This project is not limited to only those taking part in the challenge. Others are free to use it with the caveat that it is not intended to be commercialized as a product. It is intended to be a tool to assist in research and development.


The scenarios include the following:

  • Fire Fighter - Primary Search
    • The goal of this scenario is to simulate the primary search of the top floor of a high rise office building.
  • SWAT - Active Shooter
    • This scenario simulates an active shooter situation in which SWAT must engage several individuals in an underground parking garage.
  • EMS - Mass Casualty Triage
    • During this scenario EMS must perform triage at a mass casualty traffic collision and determine vitals while in the extremely noisy environment.
Created March 5, 2020, Updated December 6, 2020