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Scott Ledgerwood


PSCR 2020_CHARIoT Prize Challenge Discussion

Scott A. Ledgerwood, Donald L. Harriss, Paul D. Merritt, Bill Gillman, Scott Turnbull
The CHARIOT Challenge launched in early 2020 with a focus on bringing the internet of things (IOT) sensors from personal area networks, smart buildings, and

PSCR 2020_Pecha Kucha Portfolio Overview

John T. Beltz, Roger A. Blalock, Donald A. Bradshaw, John S. Garofolo, Joseph P. Grasso, Scott A. Ledgerwood, Brianna R. Vendetti
The PSCR Research Portfolio Leaders provide overview presentations of the projects housed within their portfolios, using just 20 slides that showcase each for

2018 Stakeholder Presentations, Day 3, Room 30C

Scott A. Ledgerwood, Mary F. Theofanos, Yee-Yin Choong, Shanee T. Dawkins, Kristen Greene, Sandra S. Prettyman, William J. Fisher, Michael A. Ogata, Gema E. Howell, John T. Beltz, Sheila E. Frankel, Donald L. Harriss, Jason Jerald, Cole Sandau, Regis Kopper, Brad Fain, Jing Du, Randall Spain, John Blackwell
Created July 30, 2019