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IFC File Analyzer

IFC File Analyzer screenshot

The IFC File Analyzer generates a spreadsheet or CSV files from an IFC file.  IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is the data exchange standard used to facilitate interoperability in the building and construction industry.  IFC is developed by buildingSMART and is an ISO standard - ISO 16739.

Typical IFC viewers show a visualization of the building represented by the IFC file. The user can drill down to the individual attributes for a single building object. However, there is no way to view all of the entities and their attributes at once. The IFC File Analyzer provides this capability by creating a spreadsheet from the IFC file.  The spreadsheet is useful to help understand the IFC file format and relationship between the entities and their attributes.

In the spreadsheet, a worksheet is created for each type of IFC entity in the file. Every row in the worksheet contains the attributes for an instance of an IFC entity. Multiple IFC files can be analyzed at once to compare entity usage. There are options to select which types of IFC entities are processed and to report some of the IFC entity Inverse relationships.

The IFC File Analyzer supports IFC2x3, IFC4, and IFC4x3.  (IFC Specifications)

Sample Spreadsheet: IFC_File_Analyzer-ifa.xlsx 

IFC Resources: buildingSMARTFree IFC software, Common BIM files, IFC Format, IFC Wikipedia

Sample Screenshots

IFC File Analyzer user interface
Credit: NIST
Created May 9, 2011, Updated January 24, 2024