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Assessment of Conformance and Interoperability Testing Methods Used for Construction Industry Product Models



Robert R. Lipman, Mark E. Palmer


This paper presents a review and assessment of conformance and interoperability testing methods for product data models used in the construction industry. Conformance testing methodologies, with varying degrees of rigor, have been developed and applied to ensure interoperability across product modeling software applications in other engineering and industry domains, e.g., engineering and manufacturing of automotive and aerospace products. Current conformance testing and evaluation of interoperability for construction industry product modeling software does not necessarily apply those same principles and are usually done on an ad-hoc basis. Key principles are identified for improved methods and metrics for developing conformance and interoperability testing capabilities for the construction industry.
Automation in Construction


AEC, conformance testing, construction, interoperability, product data modeling, test suites, validation, verification
Created April 15, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017