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Extreme Winds and Wind Effects on Structures

The Engineering Laboratory has an established long-term collaboration with the NIST Statistical Engineering Division in the analysis of extreme wind speeds and other extreme phenomena in wind engineering. This site includes material on extreme wind speeds and on effects induced by extreme winds on buildings.

  1. Extreme Winds
  2. Wind Effects on Buildings
    1. Database-assisted design software

      (see NIST Building Science Series 180)
    2. Software for estimation of along-wind response
  3. Special-Purpose Software
    1. Extraction of wind data from ASOS records
    2. Estimation of peaks from time series
    3. BLUE Extreme Value Type I Estimation
    4. VoronoiBound
  4. Hurricane-borne missile speeds (sponsor: U.S. NRC)
  5. Standardized extreme wind speed database for the U.S.
  6. Extreme wind speed maps
  7. Publications
  8. Acknowledgements


The site contains links to data sets, software, and publications, as well as instructions for users and numerical examples.

Created September 19, 2010, Updated July 2, 2018