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XRD Rietveld Simulations Y2O3 - ZrO2 Phases


Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Joseph M. Conny


X-ray diffraction patterns of tetragonal and cubic yttria-stabilized were simulated to test the capability of Rietveld refinement to accurately seperate the phases. The effects of peak broadening and different c/a ratios on the refinement results were investigated. Rietveld refinement is capable of separating the patterns of the two phases, even for assemblages containing high-yttria (10 mol% YO1.5) tetragonal phases. The errors in refinement of mass fraction are generally less than 20% relative, and the errors in lattice parameters are less than 0.002 {Angstrom}, or ± 1 mol % YO1.5.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society


plasma-sprayed, PSZ, Rietveld refinement, thermal barrier coating, x-ray diffraction, yttria-stablized zirconia
Created August 26, 2016, Updated February 17, 2017