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XAFS Data Interchange: A single spectrum XAFS data file format



Bruce D. Ravel, M. Newville


We propose a standard data format for the interchange of XAFS data. The XAFS Data Interchange (XDI) standard is meant to encapsulate a single spectrum of XAFS along with relevant metadata. XDI is a text-based format with a simple syntax which clearly delineates metadata from the data table in a way that is easily interpreted both by a computer and by a human. The metadata header is inspired by the format of an electronic mail header, representing metadata names and values as an associative array. The data table is represented as columns of numbers. This format can be imported as is into most existing XAFS data analysis, spreadsheet, or data visualization programs. Along with a specification and a dictionary of metadata types, we provide an application-programming interface written in C and bindings for dynamic programming languages.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series


XAFS, file format


Ravel, B. and Newville, M. (2016), XAFS Data Interchange: A single spectrum XAFS data file format, Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created June 9, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017