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Wafer-Level Filling of Microfabricated Atomic Vapor Cells Based on Thin-Film Deposition and Photolysis of Cesium Azide



Li-Anne Liew, John M. Moreland, V Gerginov


The thin-film deposition and photodecomposition of cesium azide are demonstrated and used to fill arrays of miniaturized atomic resonance cells with cesium and nitrogen buffer gas for chip-scale atomic-based instruments. Arrays of silicon cells are batch fabricated on a wafer into which cesium azide is deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation. After vacuum sealing, the cells are then irradiated with ultraviolet radiation, causing the azide is photodissociate into pure cesium and nitrogen in-situ. This technology integrates the vapor-cell fabrication and filling procedures into one continuous and wafer-level parallel process, and results in cells that are optically transparent and chemically pure.
Applied Physics Letters


atomic clock, azide, cesium, microfabrication, vapor cell
Created March 15, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017