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Viscoelasticity of Xenon Near the Critical Point



Robert F. Berg, Michael R. Moldover, G A. Zimmerli


Using a novel, overdamped, oscillator flown aboard the Space Shuttle, we measured the viscosity of xenon near the liquid-vapor critical point in the frequency range 2 Hz [less than or equal to} f {less than or equal to} 12 Hz. The measured viscosity divergence is characterized by the exponent zΗ = 0.0690 ± 0.0006, in agreement with the value zΗ = 0.067 + 0.002 calculated from a two-loop perturbation expansion. Viscoelastic behavior was evident when t = (T - Tc)/Tc-5 and dominant when t -6, further from Tc than predicted. Viscoelastic behavior scales as Afτ where τ is the fluctuation-decay time. The measured value of A is 2.0 + 0.3 times the result of a one-loop calculation. (Uncertainties stated are one standard uncertainty.)
Physical Review Letters


critical exponents, critical point, transport properties, viscoelasticity, viscosity, xenon
Created February 1, 1999, Updated February 17, 2017