Using 3D Nanotomography to Visualize Defects in the Fabrication of Superconducting Electronics

Published: September 23, 2015


Aric W. Sanders, Anna E. Fox, Paul D. Dresselhaus


Superconducting electronics is an established technological field for sensors, quantum computation and quantum-based standards and is emerging as an important low-power alternative to semiconductors. As in any electronics fabrication, the production of complex circuits requires many iterations and stringent quality control. In particular post-fabrication metrology of buried circuit elements to diagnose device failures is of utmost importance to increasing the yield and complexity of superconducting based electronics. To fill this need, we have developed methods for the 3D visualization of superconducting electronic components based on focused ion beam – scanning electron (FIB-SEM) nanotomography
Proceedings Title: Microscopy and Microanyalsis
Volume: 21
Conference Dates: August 2-6, 2015
Conference Location: Portland, OR
Pub Type: Conferences


tomography, nanoscience, superconducting electronics
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