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An ultra-low noise, high-voltage piezo driver



Neal C. Pisenti, Allessandro Restelli, Ben J. Reschovsky, Daniel S. Barker, Gretchen K. Campbell


We present an ultra-low noise, high-voltage driver suited for use with piezoelectric actuators and other low- current applications. The architecture uses a flyback switching regulator to generate up to 250V in our current design, with an output of 1 kV or more possible with small modifications. A high slew-rate op-amp suppresses the residual switching noise, yielding a total RMS noise of ≈ 100 V (1 Hz–100 kHz). A low-voltage (±10 V), high bandwidth signal can be summed with unity gain directly onto the output, making the driver well-suited for closed-loop feedback applications. Digital control enables both repeatable setpoints and sophisticated control logic, and the circuit consumes less than 150mA at +/-15 V
Review of Scientific Instruments


ultracold atoms, low-noise electronics
Created December 8, 2016, Updated July 6, 2018